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Settlement Timeline for Illinois Car Accidents

A very small percentage of accident claims ever go to trial in Illinois. The parties often resolve the case by a settlement at some time during the proceedings. Many claims never reach the trial stage because of a settlement. However, there is never a set timeline for any case to settle. Settling your claim with […]

Illinois Auto Accident Insurance Claim Procedure

Filing a claim to recover damages for personal injuries after an Illinois car accident can be a daunting procedure. Insurance companies like it that way because they can save money when people become frustrated with the process. They find that settling quickly is sometimes in their best interests, while at other times, dragging the case […]

Liability in Illinois for a Multi-Vehicle Wreck

Victims injured in a multi-vehicle crash in Illinois can bring a legal claim against all drivers who contributed to causing the accident. Figuring out which driver is the most responsible for generating the collision is not the primary concern of the plaintiff necessarily. Instead, identifying all liable drivers and their insurance carries is the essential […]

Brain Lacerations in Illinois Car Accidents

The forces inflicted upon the body in a motor vehicle crash can cause unspeakable injuries. There is no predicting what will happen to the occupants of a vehicle when a car collides with another vehicle or other hard objects like a tree or a wall. Wearing a safety belt and riding in a vehicle with […]

Skull Fractures After Car Accidents in Illinois

Skull fractures are common injuries experienced after car accidents in Illinois. Unrestrained motorists run the risk of sustaining a skull fracture if they strike their head on the dashboard, support pillars, steering wheel, windshield, or another hard object in the car. Naturally, the risk of sustaining a skull fracture can be reduced by using a […]

Two Police Officers Injured in Englewood Crash

CHICAGO, Ill. — Two police officers sustained injuries, and a third person was hurt in a South Side crash. The operator of the car who caused the accident went to the hospital with minor injuries and the two police officers riding in the cruiser was also injured. They went to local hospitals as well. ABC 7 […]

Top Ten Causes of Illinois Car Wrecks

Auto accidents in Illinois happen for many reasons. However, there are several causes, whether in isolation or in conjunction with another factor, cause Illinois motor vehicle crashes. Distracted drivers Cell phones, GPS devices, radios, texting while driving, talking while driving, and even passengers divide our attention while driving. State laws might prohibit certain behaviors like […]

Top Ten Causes of Illinois Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are rarely caused by a singular event. Instead, motorcycle accidents often occur because of several factors working in conjunction with each other. Weather is one of those factors. Even though some of the hardiest motorcycle riders are out in the colder weather, motorbikes do not operate well in the rain. Motorcycle riders are […]

South Side Tragedy: One Killed, One Wounded in Hit-and-Run

CHICAGO, Ill. — Another person died in a Chicago hit-and-run crash. This time the victim of the crash was a 60-year-old woman. Another 60-year-old woman sustained injuries in the crash as well. The car that hit the women, who were standing in front of a bus stop shelter, sped away from the carnage. Police persisted […]

Burnside Crash Injures Five, Including Four Children

CHICAGO, Ill. — First responders flocked to Chicago’s Burnside neighborhood upon receiving a report of a severe auto accident. According to NBC 5 Chicago, the auto collision happened on a bright Sunday early evening around 6:00. At least five people went to hospitals in the area for emergency medical treatment, four of whom were children. The […]