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Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in Chicago

Pedestrian Accidents in Chicago Can Happen in Many Ways Pedestrians walking in Chicago experience danger coming from all directions. Without warning, pedestrians in Chicago can find themselves in perilous situations because of the action, or inaction, of a careless motorist. Some locations are more dangerous than others to be sure. However, any time pedestrians and […]

Hip Injuries Compensation After Injured in a Car Accident

Motorists, truck drivers, motorcycle riders, bicycle riders, and pedestrians are all at risk for suffering a hip injury in a Chicago motor vehicle accident. Broken hip bones are painful injuries from which one can recover. Many complications are attendant with fractured hips as well. These injuries can lead to daily agony, which ultimately diminishes the […]

Head-on Crash Kills 16-Year-Old Driver, Injures 3 Others

WAUCONDA, Ill. — A 16-year-old female driver from McHenry, Illinois died, and three teenage passengers sustained injuries when an 18-year-old male driving in the opposite direction slammed into the women head-on. The fatal accident occurred, Friday, March 15, 2019, according to a report filed by CBS Chicago. Local law enforcement officers are still investigating the deadly […]

Compensation for Hearing Loss and Ear Injuries in Illinois

Ears are complicated and susceptible to injuries in accidents. Sometimes ear injuries show few or no outward signs indicating that anything is wrong. The symptoms of an ear injury can vary greatly depending on which part of the ear is injured. The symptoms include dizziness, hearing loss, and sensitivity to sounds. The inner ear is […]

Preparing for Your Car Accident Attorney Consultation

Stein & Shulman, LLC offers a few tips on preparing for your attorney consultation regarding your car accident case. By performing certain tasks beforehand, you can ensure your consultation is beneficial for both you and your attorney. Your Chicago car accident lawyer will walk you through the steps of a car accident claim and will […]