How Does A Car Accident Settlement Work in Illinois?

A car accident settlement might require lengthy negotiations. Insurance companies have the upper hand because they hold the funds.  Your lawyer must convince the insurance company to pay those funds to you as compensation for damages you suffered as a result of the negligence of the insurance company’s policy holder. The accident lawyers at Chicago’s preeminent car crash law firm Chicago car accident lawyers have over 45 years of combined experience negotiating claims on behalf of their clients while experiencing tremendous success. To date, they have settled or won after a trial over $40 million in compensation for their clients in Chicago car accidents.

Insurance companies are for-profit corporations that, like all for-profit corporations, owe a duty to their shareholders to make money. Insurance companies make money by collecting more money in premiums paid by their customers than claims they pay out to accident victims.

An insurance claims adjuster is not going to give you a huge settlement only because he or she feels bad for you. The claims adjuster might genuinely feel empathy for you on a human level, but the adjuster is a professional who receives training on evaluating claims and the art of negotiation from the insurance company’s perspective. Insurance companies might pay their adjusters bonuses for saving the company money. Therefore, when you negotiate your claim with the adjuster, bear in mind that the person on the other end might have a financial incentive to make low-ball offer after low-ball offer.

A skilled car accident attorney will understand how to present your claim to the adjuster to convince him or her to offer more money than the insurance company says your claim is worth. However, persuading an insurance company to pay a just settlement takes skilled advocacy by your car assident attorney. Persuasion, unlike what you see on television and the movies, is not as simple as making an impassioned speech. Rather, a person is persuaded to act by a logical, coherent, and thorough presentation of the evidence that also incorporates an emotional element.

Thus, negotiating a settlement comes down to showing the claims adjuster how this crash adversely affected your life. It is more than a numbers game. Submitting evidence of how the accident prevents you from doing the things in your life that gave you joy like playing with your children were unfairly taken from you because of the negligence of another might convince the claims adjuster that they should offer you a large settlement.

Stein & Shulman’s car crash attorneys will prepare your claim in a manner that proves to the insurance company that they should make a reasonable and just offer of settlement before going to court. Otherwise, the company might stand to lose a substantial amount more money if your case goes to a jury.

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