Illinois Highway and Interstate Car Accidents

Illinois highways and Interstates are jammed packed with personal vehicles, large trucks, and motorcycles. There seems to be less and less space to move. Compound less space with distracted drivers, inexperienced drivers, aging drivers, speeding drivers, and drunk drivers and there is carnage on the roads. Through January 28, 2017, 53 motorists have already been killed in Illinois crashes. Fortunately, that number was down from 74 at this time a year ago. Notwithstanding, the number of fatalities is very high. These figures do not take into account motor vehicle crashes involving serious injuries. If you or a loved one was injured or killed in an accident on an Illinois highway or Interstate, we could help. Our firm has decades of experience fighting for victims and their families involved in crashes on Illinois highways and Interstates.

A survey of Illinois crashes occurring in 2014 when compared to the four-year span of 2010-2013 reveals interesting trends. For example:

  • According to the Illinois Department of Transportation (DOT), the total number of crashes rose 4.7% from the previous reporting period.
  • However, the number of fatalities decreased 2.7% in 2014 compared to 2010-2013, with a steep drop of 5.6% from 2014 to 2013.
  • Motorcycles accounted for 15% of all fatalities in 2014. These numbers are
  • But, the total number of crashes climbed in 2014 compared to the period of 2010-2013.

The DOT found that roads such as interstates, highways, and other major roads were where the overwhelming majority of the crashes occurred.  In 2014, 83,559 crashes took place on Illinois’ interstates and highways. During 2014, 220,179 accidents happened on roads the DOT describes as primary artery roads. On the freeways, nearly 8,000 people suffered injuries from car crashes, and over 1,000 were serious.  These calculations involve multi-car crashes and do not include non-contact crashes.

The DOT analysis shows other trends as well. While males accounted for only slightly more fatal injuries than females, the gender gap increased when the analysis distinguished vehicles such as light trucks and sport utility vehicles from passenger cars. The statistics prove that the age group of 21-34 was the most likely to be victims of a fatal crash. Not surprisingly, this age group distinguished itself as those involved in speed-related crashes and alcohol-related crashes.

One variable not analyzed is the incidence of crashes involving distracted drivers. Illinois is a hands-free state, meaning that the driver cannot drive with a device in hand. Despite this prohibition, distracted driving remains a problem. Research shows that texting and driving creates a crash risk that is 23 times the average. These statistics escalate when young drivers figure into the equation.  Additionally, aggressive drivers and road rage incidents are missing from the analysis, as well as wrong way drivers.

One thing that these statistics do prove is that the roads highways and interstates around Chicago and throughout the state are dangerous. You can minimize your risk by driving carefully and defensively. You and your passengers must wear seatbelts. Additionally, you must follow the rules of the road, do not speed excessively, and do not drive while distracted. Also, never drink when inebriated. These simple rules will help you avoid accidents and serious injury.  Furthermore, if you are unfortunately involved in a crash and injured, following these simple tips will strengthen your case. The other driver’s insurance company will have a hard time making a case that you caused the accident or somehow contributed to the crash. Removing the defense of “comparative negligence” can result in a large recovery for your pain and suffering.

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