The injuries that result from the negligence or wrongful acts of another can often result in permanent scarring or severe burn injuries. Disfigurements in the form of scars or burns can have a harmful impact on your ability to obtain a job, socialize or even feel comfortable leaving your home. And in addition to the psychological harm, persons that sustain a scar or burn in an accident will often incur extensive medical bills in an effort to treat, remove or lessen the appearance of the scar.

Motorcycle, car and bike accidents are all instances where your face and body are exposed to high impact collisions that can result in permanent scarring. Severe burns and dog bites are also instances where your face can sustain a scar that that impacts your appearance and is a daily reminder of the traumatic injuries you sustained.

Serious injuries from a burn can result when you come in contact with a fire, exploding liquids and other hot surfaces. Sources of power such as electricity, as well as chemicals or simply being in a kitchen which has numerous hot surfaces and liquids can result in serious burns and scars. And it’s not simply the size or appearance of the scar or burn that factors in, but also the resulting nerve and tissue damage as well and how that injury impacts your daily living in ways greater than just your appearance.

We understand that victims of severe scarring and burns suffer through long recovery periods. Medications and ointments as well as painful skin grafts and revision surgeries performed by plastic surgeons are painful, difficult and costly.

Our goal as personal injury attorneys is not simply to get you the largest settlement possible but also to help guide you to the top medical providers and hospitals in the area where you live and make sure that the bills you incur for those treatments are being paid for by the insurance carriers of the parties that were negligent. Negligent mistakes happen all the time and the purpose of having insurance is in large part to compensate people when negligence occurs. Whether it be a negligent driver or a faulty product or dog bite, insurance policies are there to compensate victims for the injuries they sustain and the medical bills and lost wages they incur.

Our lawyers are experienced not only in representing the victims of car accidents, slip and falls and dog bite cases; but we also know how to evaluate and obtain compensation for the clients that sustain permanent scarring and burns. There is a large psychological component that should impact the value of your settlement when you have a scar or burn and we can rely upon the work we’ve done in similar cases in the past as support for our position as to why your scar or burn has significant value. We have the doctors and medical consultants that we work with on a constant basis that provide guidance and advice in this area.

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