Lawyers for Car Accidents in Chicago

Why Hire an Auto Accident Lawyer?

Insurance companies in Chicago and other locales in Illinois employ claims adjusters and attorneys who are specifically trained to reduce the amount of money their company pays out in settlements and verdicts. Insurance companies are for-profit organizations. The companies owe a duty to their shareholders to make as much money as possible for the company. The company has no obligation to settle claims for settlement amounts that are just. Rather, insurance companies try to pay out as little as possible. However, the Chicago car accident attorneys from Stein & Shulman have extensive experience advocating for just settlement amounts for their clients. They can help you obtain a just settlement for your Chicago car crash claim.

Without the Benefit of a Car Accident Attorney, the Insurance Company Will Have the Upper Hand

The car insurance industry employs a system that establishes the value of compensation awards without regard to the individual making a claim. The system will describe the accident and the type of injury and then will offer the pre-determined settlement amount without taking account for the adversity you have faced because of your crash, the pain and suffering, and mental anguish you have suffered because of the accident. Without the benefit of representation from an experienced auto accident attorney, the insurance company will have the upper hand. Unless you understand how to present your case to the claims adjuster to demonstrate why the insurance company could be taking a huge financial risk by allowing a jury to hear the case, the insurance company will low-ball you.

Signing a “Release” Will Prohibit You From Seeking Additional Compensation from the At-fault Driver

Insurance company claims adjusters have been trained on how to settle a case early in the process to help the company avoid more substantial liability later on. The claims adjuster might offer you a quick settlement for a decent sum of money in exchange for you signing a release. A release is a legal document that prohibits you from seeking additional compensation from that individual defendant. The idea of a quick settlement sounds inviting. However, doing so could be fraught with danger.

If you execute a release in favor of an insurance company before you have thoroughly examined your claim, you will be precluded from seeking additional damages if the amount for which you settled proves to be insufficient. A prime example would be settling the claim while you suffer from a nagging back pain that you suffered as a result of the accident. If that back pain turned out to be a prolonged injury, you could not seek additional compensation because you signed the release.  An experienced car wreck attorney will make sure that you reach a medical end-result before you settle any claim.

Focus on Your Medical Recovery, and We Will Focus on Your Financial Recovery

One of the most substantial reasons to hire a car accident lawyer relates to your own well being. You should take care of yourself. Attend your doctors’ appointments, attend physical therapy, and chiropractic appointments or physical therapy and work on getting your life back together. Allow an experienced car crash attorney to take the some of the stress from your life by dealing with the insurance company and preparing your case. You owe it to yourself.

Free Case Review – Over 45 Years of Combined Experience!

As you can see there is a lot for the person dealing with a serious injury to do and having the right car accident attorneys can make all the difference. You do not want to be dealing with these things while you are trying to heal and get back to work – so pick up the phone and call us today. The conversation is FREE. We are here to protect your rights and maximize your settlement so call us now at (312) 422-0506. The auto accident lawyers from Stein & Shulman are available 24/7 to meet your needs and address your concerns.

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