Chicago Auto Accidents Caused By Illegal Maneuvers

Drivers are required to abide by local traffic laws while they travel on public roads. Stopping for stop signs, yielding to crosswalks, and obeying speed limits are all examples of following local traffic laws. However, many drivers cause accidents every day when they attempt illegal maneuvers. An illegal maneuver is a violation of a local traffic law. Many drivers use illegal maneuvers if they are in a hurry or if they are lost. However, when a driver uses an illegal maneuver and causes an accident, that driver may be liable for the victim’s injuries.

Examples of Illegal Maneuvers

Chances are, if you are a licensed driver in Illinois, you have seen a driver use an illegal maneuver. Examples of illegal maneuvers include:

  • Making u-turns where one is not appropriate
  • Turning left or right at an intersection when it is prohibited
  • Going the wrong way down a one-way street
  • Making a turn from the wrong lane
  • Passing other vehicles where it is prohibited

These behaviors are risky and may cause accidents.

The Timeline of an Auto Accident Case

If you were injured when another driver attempted to make an illegal maneuver, you may be able to file a claim to recover damages.

First, you should seek the assistance of a skilled personal injury attorney who will help you through the claim. Without a personal injury attorney, it is less likely that you will have a favorable result in your case.

Next, your attorney will discuss a possible settlement with the insurance company. Although the cost of future medical care is often considered in settlements, it is best if you have sought as much treatment as possible before your attorney discusses finalizing the case with the insurance company.

If the insurance company does not agree to settle, your attorney may file a lawsuit on your behalf.

Once a lawsuit is commenced, the parties will engage in discovery. During discovery, the parties request and exchange evidence. For example, the at-fault driver may want copies of the victim’s medical bills and medical records. The victim may want to see the at-fault driver’s driving record. These items will be used by each party to strengthen their own claims and weaken the claims of the other party.

The parties will continue to attempt settlement negotiations throughout the case. They may even attend mediation, which employs a third party neutral to help the parties reach an agreement.

If the parties cannot settle their case, they will go to trial. During trial, evidence of the claims and defenses will be presented. A judge and jury will determine issues of liability and damages.

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