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One often overlooked cause of car accidents is dangerous road conditions or defective and hazardous roads. Illinois and federal laws are aimed to protect motorists across the state from the dangers posed by defective or hazardous road conditions. Laws are in place governing the maintenance and construction of Illinois roads, placing requirements on warnings, guardrails, gradients, and more. Despite these legal requirements, thousands of motorists are injured each year due to dangerous and defective roadways.

At Stein & Shulman, LLC, our Chicago car accident lawyers will conduct a thorough investigation into road safety in the event you are injured in a crash. We understand that while driver error is the number one cause of car accidents, road hazards and defective roadways should always be considered when the facts of the accident so warrant. We know that a significant number of accidents and injuries are caused by defective maintenance, design, and other factors, as explored below.

Defective Design

Roadways are legally required to be designed with driver and pedestrian safety in mind. Despite state and federal law requirements, errors are made in road design that can prove dangerous for drivers. Potential defective design issues with roadways across Chicago include:

  • Dangerous dips in the road
  • Dangerous curves in road layout
  • Hazards that obstruct visibility at crosswalks or intersections
  • Improper drainage that leads to water accumulating on roadways

Defective Maintenance

Illinois and municipalities within it must maintain state and local roads to safe conditions. Potential issues of defective maintenance include:

  • Allowing road surfaces to erode, forming potholes and other dangerous conditions
  • Failing to fix missing or malfunctioning traffic signals or road signs
  • Letting erosion decrease the visibility of painted markers on roadways
  • Failing to replace missing signage or warnings or replace broken signs

Road Hazards

Roads must be kept free from dangerous obstacles and hazards. Road hazards in the Chicago area include:

  • Construction equipment left on roadways
  • Improperly marked construction zones or dangerously placed construction areas
  • Trees or other obstacles left in roadways

Defective Road Claims

If you have been injured in an accident that may have involved a defective road or road hazard, lengthy investigations will be constructed. The government is the most likely defendant in these types of cases, and it will vigorously defend against any claims filed against it. A likely defense raised to the claim will be driver error, so you will need to be armed with strong evidence that points to roadway defects or hazards as the cause of the accident. These cases can be challenging and potentially expensive to bring. However, they are extremely important to injured clients and the general public. A successful defective roadway case could force a change to roadway construction, maintenance, or design that could protect thousands of lives across Illinois. Seek the representation of a licensed car accident lawyer as soon as possible after the crash to protect your legal rights.

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