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Tenacious Representation of Car Accident Victims Suffering Amputations, Broken Bones, and Loss of Use

Whether you are involved in a crash caused by the driver of a passenger car, SUV, or large truck, the severe impact to your foot can result in debilitating injuries. Severe foot injuries frequently require repeated painful surgery. These injuries also might have a life-altering impact because they could permanently limit a crash victim’s mobility. Even when surgery is not necessary, a foot injury might mean weeks of limited activity and a long, tedious course of rehabilitation.

Why Stein & Shulman Can Make the Difference in a Serious Foot Injury Lawsuit

At Stein & Shulman, LCC, our experienced Cook County car accident foot injury attorneys recognize the challenges that collision victims must overcome. While navigating their way past intense pain, medical treatment, and time away from work, traffic collision victims must avoid insurance company traps and legal pitfalls. Our experienced Chicago car accident foot injury lawyers can effectively guide out clients through this minefield of obstacles because we have 45 years of experience representing motor vehicle accident victims. Our lawyers work closely with orthopedic surgeons, podiatrists, other medical experts, accident reconstruction experts, vehicle engineers, and others with specialized knowledge to craft a persuasive factual and legal presentation for the judge, jury, and opposing parties. Our lawyers prepare cases for trial, so settlement negotiations are conducted from a position of strength. This approach has allowed our law firm to recover over $40 million for our clients.

Typical Types of Foot Injuries Experienced in Auto Collisions

While many factors impact the value of an auto collision claim that causes a foot injury, the severity of the injury and duration of time the victim will take to recover are key factors. We have provided an overview of common car accident injuries to the foot:

  • Metatarsal Fractures/Lisfranc Injuries: Injuries involving the metatarsal in a car crash might necessitate surgery. Broken or dislocated bones in the foot might require surgery and insertion of screws into the bone to ensure proper healing. If the injury is treated with a cast or walking boot, the injury can take 8-10 weeks to heal. By contrast, screws inserted during surgery usually will not be removed until 4-5 months after the procedure.
  • Heal Bone Fractures: Injuries involving severe force from a collision that crushes or fragments the heel bone often require surgery to repair. Screws and a plate might be inserted to mitigate the risk of severe arthritis later. This type of injury usually results in an injury victim not being able to walk for three months after a long grueling course of physical therapy. Full recovery often does not occur until six months have elapsed following a crash.
  • Acute Injuries of the Foot: An acute injury usually is caused by a traumatic event like motor vehicle collision. Examples of these injuries include joint sprains, muscle strains, severe bruising, puncture wounds, severe bruising, torn ligaments, ruptured tendons, and broken bones.
  • Compartment Syndromes of the Foot: If your foot is run over or struck by a motor vehicle, small compartments that make up the foot can suffer injury. Within these compartments, the foot contains nerves, tendons, and muscles surrounded by a tight membrane. Trauma to the foot can cause bleeding within the foot which triggers swelling. Excess swelling can exceed the pressure within the compartment so the muscles and nerves are squeezed, compromising use of the foot.
  • Amputation of the Foot: A vehicle occupant can have their foot dismembered in a motor vehicle accident. In other cases, severe infection or the extent of injury might make amputation of the foot necessary. This type of injury will create a need for prosthetic and other assistive devices for mobility.

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