Most people hold the belief that sitting in the back seat of the car is the safest place to be in the event of a car crash, and that the front passenger seat is the death seat. Huge advances in car safety have proven this to be untrue. Air bags and crumple zones to seat belts specially designed to soak up the severity of the impact during a collision have made the front seat a very safe place to be during a car accident.

While the increased safety of the front seat is great, most of the people situated in the back seat are infants and kids under age 12 who have no choice but to sit in the back. We as parents are required to place our kids in the back seat and select for them the car seat that fits their weight. While we can make them as safe as possible there is only so much we can do in the face of a high speed car accident.

Studies show that back seat passengers of car accidents are much more likely to sustain serious injures than front seat passengers. Serious brain injuries and orthopedic injuries are more probable for those in the back seat. Also, almost half of all car accidents are rear end impacts where kids are forced to be placed.

Unfortunately, the advances in safety for front seat passengers have advanced faster than the progress we’ve seen regarding the safety of the back seat passenger. A senior scientist at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently stated that “we don’t have crash dummies in the rear. So things are improving in the front, but the backseat hasn’t kept up.”

It is not surprising that the main focus of the auto industry is to make the front seat safer in the face of a crash because almost 90 percent of car occupants are in the front seat during a crash as opposed to the number of people in the back seat during reported crashes. While this makes sense, it should frighten parents who have no choice but to place their kids in the back seat in whatever car or infant seat they have depending on the age and weight of their child.

Kids under the age of 13 represent well over half of all backseat passengers in cars. These same kids represent only one quarter of the backseat deaths in car accidents so there is clearly something to be said about the added safety of the infant car seat. Nevertheless, with rear end collisions being the majority of car accidents, the head injury leads as the most common injury to kids seated in the back seat.

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