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While many people consider a serious car accident one that involves a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, internal organ damage, or broken bones, there are other painful and debilitating injuries experienced in traffic collisions. When a crash victim suffers an ankle injury, the individual literally might not be able to walk away from the collision. Many motorists who suffer ankle injuries in car, motorcycle, or tractor-trailer accidents must overcome ordeals that include hospitalization, surgery, and long difficult roads to recovery.

Ankle Injuries Can Justify Large Verdicts and Settlements

Tragically, some auto accident victims never seek treatment for their ankle injury or exacerbate their situation by delaying medical attention. This procrastination usually results from the mistaken belief that an ankle injury is not serious. However, a few judgments obtained in lawsuits involving ankle injuries reveals that this type of injury can be both debilitating and costly:

  • $2,700,000 settlement of an ankle injury claim that involved ligament tears necessitating two arthroscopic surgical procedures
  • $862,000 arbitration award in a case involving a severe ankle fracture requiring surgery
  • $350,000 settlement for an ankle fracture
  • $203,000 settlement in a lawsuit in which the plaintiff suffered subcutaneous and nerve damage to the right ankle causing partial disability and scarring

While these recoveries are not necessarily typical, and every case is different, the size of these judgments and settlements attest to the severe nature and extent of damages in some car accident claims involving ankle injuries. Although the value of each ankle injury is specific to the facts and circumstances of the case, two critical factors will involve the severity of the injury and expected duration until recovery.

Common Types of Ankle Injuries Experienced in Auto Collisions

While vehicle occupants can suffer a range of types of ankle injuries in a traffic accident, most ankle injuries fall into the category of a strain, sprain, or fracture. The potential serious nature of an ankle injury is better appreciated with an understanding of the physiology of this region of the body. The ankle is where the fibula and tibia are connected to the talus bone (foot bone) by several ligaments. Muscles also are attached to the ankle joint by tendons. Injuries can be relatively minor like a ligament or tendon sprains or serious when these connective tissues are torn completely from the leg or foot bones. Fractures to bones and tears of ligaments often require surgery to repair the damage.

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