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The force and trauma exerted on vehicle occupants during a car accident or pedestrians struck by a car can cause catastrophic injuries that permanent and dramatically impact a victim’s life. While a coma does not guarantee severe permanent injury or death, they do indicate that the patient has suffered a significant injury. Further, a coma often means a long hospital stay and spiraling medical expenses. Although family members will focus on a coma victim regaining consciousness and fully recovering, medical expenses that will usually amount to tens of thousands and can easily amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our Chicago car accident coma lawyers recognize that families are scared and worried when their loved one is in a coma, so we represent our clients with compassion while tenaciously protecting our clients’ rights and pursuing the fullest recovery.

At Stein & Shulman, LLC, our auto accident attorneys have a proven track record built on success taking on large national insurance companies in and out of the courtroom. Our lawyers have recovered over $40 million for our clients in verdicts and settlements. While our law firm provides the sophisticated representation in litigation associated with large firms, we take pride in providing the positive client relations experience more typical of smaller firms. Our attorneys understand that people who have experienced severe injuries might be anxious about the litigation process and the status of their case, so our attorneys have a policy of striving to return client calls the same day or the next business day at the latest. This commitment to timely communications combined with 45 years of experience allows us to obtain positive results while minimizing the stress associated with an unfamiliar process.

Working with Loved Ones During a Coma

If loved ones are in a coma, they need someone to take care of them and to represent their best interests. Because our law firm has represented coma victims, we work effectively with parents, caregivers, or guardians serving this role. The legal nuances of these cases can be complicated particularly if a coma victim dies, so the case shifts from a personal injury lawsuit to a wrongful death action. Our law firm handles the legal and insurance complexities and hassles so that loved ones can focus on their family member’s recovery.

Post-Coma Needs and Expectations

While coma patients injured in car accident require extensive medical are, they will experience other medical concerns and life changes when they awaken from their coma. In many cases, former coma patients suffer permanent brain damage, which might necessitate a need for long-term care or other forms of supportive services. If an auto accident victim lingers in a coma for a long period, he or she might need extensive physical therapy because of muscle atrophy even to engage in basic tasks. Costly physical and psychological therapy often are needed by patients who become conscious after lengthy comas.

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