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When most people consider serious, immobilizing car accidents, they often picture injuries affecting the major body parts, such as the head, back, and neck. While these are typical injuries that often arise as a result of an an automobile accident, knee injuries are also common following a collision, which can have negatively impact one’s ability to work, engage in daily routines, and even walk.

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How Knee Injuries Most Often Occur

Knee injuries can occur in any type of accident, including, without limitation, a rollover, side impact (or T-Bone) crash, or back-end accident. Whatever the manner of accident however, knee injuries typically arise when there is a swift blow to the knee or a person’s leg becomes twisted or pulled to the point where the knee hyperextends beyond its normal position. This often happens when a person’s knee comes in sudden and forceful contact with the dashboard, steering column, window, roof or door of a car.

The Most Common Forms of Knee Injuries

During a car accident, the most common form of knee injury that results from a car accident is known as an ACL injury, which refers to damage to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament. (which provides the primary restraint to the forward movement of the shin bones). This injury comprises of about 70% of all knew injuries, whether occurring from a car accident, sports injury, or the like. An ACL injury happens when the knee joint is forced into an extreme form of torsion causing the ACL to either stretch or tear. The resulting damage can range from minor pain without joint instability to a severe injury involving a rupture between the ligament and bone, which results in joint instability and oftentimes, serious disability.

Another typical knee injury that is often sustained by auto accident victims is a tear to the medial collateral ligament, or MCL. This ligament controls the flexibility of the knees and can present severe pain, swelling and instability when injured. MCL injuries often occur when there is a strong force that strikes the side of the knee, resulting in either the stretching or tearing of the MCL.

Whatever the type of knee injury sustained, it can lead to a lifetime of difficulties, painful surgeries, rehabilitation, and more.

Seeking Compensation for Your Knee Injuries

Those involved in a car accident involving knee injuries should immediately contact a qualified personal injury lawyer to assess their case. You may be able to recover compensation for your damages stemming from the accident from negligent driver involved. Compensation may include coverage for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, rehabilitation, permanent disability, and more. It is important that you act soon after the accident as vital evidence must be gathered to build your strong case so that you can maximize your ability to be compensated to the fullest extent.

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