Anyone who was ever driven west at sundown on a bright, sunny day has experienced the problem with sun or solar glare. The sun is almost flat on the horizon. The sun’s beams are forceful and relentless. You put your hand up to shade your eyes, even after putting your sun visor down and donning sunglasses.  You dodge the setting sun’s rays left and right. You try to hide behind the post alongside your windshield to block the sun from your eyes.  You become distracted by the sun, so much so that you endanger everyone else around you. The safest drivers know how to handle the sun’s glare safely, while those drivers who do not cause accidents. The sun glare injury attorneys at Stein & Shulman will help you receive the compensation you deserve if you or a family member suffered injuries, or was even killed because a driver was blinded by the sun.

It is coincidental that the sun’s glare is the most difficult to handle in rush hour when everyone is on their way home. When people are commuting home, the traffic can be backed up and slow. The slow moving vehicles raise tensions and increase frustration. Adding the sun to the mix results in a dangerous, if not deadly, situation. Pedestrians are in particular danger if they are not careful when walking into the street in front of drivers battling solar glare. Pedestrians can pop out of seemingly nowhere.  They can easily dodge and weave through traffic, but their slender profile as compared to other cars and trucks renders then invisible. Similarly, when negotiating traffic at a stoplight or on the highway, solar glare makes seeing other cars and trucks virtually impossible. Your visibility might be lost momentarily. However, even taking your eyes off of the road for one second can lead to tragedy.

Some drivers are more susceptible to sun glare than others. Scientific study bears this out:

  • Male drivers over 45 years of age and female drivers over 35 years old are more likely to suffer the effects of solar glare.
  • The study showed the older drivers are more likely to strike another car when suffering the effects of solar glare.
  • Other environmental factors contribute to solar glare accidents in addition to the age of the driver.
  • The road configuration, the intensity of the sun, the number of traffic lanes, and speed are all elements that contribute to crashes caused by solar glare.

There is nothing anyone person can do about the intensity of the sun’s rays and when they can blind a motorist. However, drivers in Illinois are responsible for safe driving. So, if a driver is driving into the setting sun and causes an accident, even though there is nothing that can be done about the sun at that time, the driver can take steps to avoid endangering others on the road.

Drivers can take several steps to reduce the effect of solar glare. For instance:

  • Have sunglasses handy will shield your eyes.
  • Also, a clean windshield will reduce the consequences of the sun’s glare. Dirty windshields tend to refract the sun’s rays, enhancing the blinding effect of the sun.
  • Traveling at reduced speeds will not help with the sun, but it will help you drive more safely. You will have more time to react to other vehicles and pedestrians by slowing your speed.


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