U-Turn Car Accidents Lawyers in Chicago, Illinois

U-Turn Car Accidents in Illinois

Few things are more frustrating — and dangerous — than when someone makes a U-turn in front of us. A U-turn is commonly understood to refer to the movement of a motor vehicle turning to go in the opposite direction. Sudden U-turns can cause accidents leading to serious injuries and even death. While not every U-turn in Illinois is unlawful, making U-turns where prohibited is illegal. An example of an illegal U-turn is turning in the opposite direction through median a strip when a posted sign prohibits U-turns. If you or someone you love suffered injuries because of a U-turn accident in Illinois, our firm can help. We at Stein & Shulman dedicated ourselves to fighting for just compensation for people injured through no fault of their own.

Illinois state law serves notice to drivers in Illinois as to when making a U-turn is permissible.

The Illinois Car Accident Law and Statutes state:

  • That a driver cannot make a U-turn unless the turn may be done safely and without obstructing or interfering with traffic.
  • Making a U-turn on a curve is illegal.
  • Additionally, making a U-turn on the approach to the crest of a hill or at the crest of a hill is prohibited if the line of sight for other motorists traveling in either direction is obscured within 500 feet of the turning vehicle.
  • Making a U-turn through a median is sometimes described as taking a left turn through a median. The familiar white sign with an arrow bent in the shape of a “U” with a red circle and slash running through the “U” can be found on divided highways and expressways. Only authorized vehicles such as police, fire, ambulance, and some construction vehicles may perform a U-turn at that location.
  • The City of Chicago has a city ordinance governing U-turns. The city ordinance prohibits making U-turns within 100 feet of an intersection unless an official posted sign grants express permission. U-turns are expressly prohibited on certain avenues in Chicago unless the appropriate signs indicate permission to turn. Of note, the City of Rochelle also enacted an ordinance relating to U-turns. In Rochelle, all U-turns are unlawful.

U-turns are dangerous for a number of reasons. Cutting through a median to make a U-turn, especially on a highway or major throughway, is dangerous when visibility is limited. On-coming traffic may not be able to see the U-turning vehicle in time to slow or stop. Also, the speed of the on-coming cars is tough to gauge for the driver making the U-turn. Even the most experienced drivers have difficulty determining the rate of the traffic when making a U-turn. In addition, the turning car necessarily is moving slower than the on-coming cars one the driver starts the turn. Drivers of on-coming cars may need to rapidly apply their brakes and take other evasive action such as swerving to avoid a collision with the U-turning vehicle.  Other drivers on the road become imperiled because of the evasive action.

Limited sight is when making a U-turn is the most dangerous factor. Safe execution of a U-turn depends upon other factors such as vehicle position, the turning radius of the vehicle making the turn, and the width of the road too.

U-turn Accidents Endanger The Lives And Safety Of The Public In Illinois

Failure of a driver to take the necessary precautions when making a U-turn places all motorists and pedestrians in danger. The Car Accident Lawyers in Chicago will fight to win you the compensation you deserve if you were injured in a U-turn crash. Do not settle for less. Learn how you can protect your rights by making an appointment with Stein & Shulman today by calling (312) 422-0506 or complete our on-line contact form to schedule a free consultation. There is no fee unless we are successful on your behalf.

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