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Neck injuries are probably the most common injury a person suffers in a car accident. A neck injury is colloquially known as whiplash. While whiplash injuries do not occur in collisions that do not cause any damage to the vehicles themselves, whiplash can happen anytime the speed of the vehicles involved causes damage when colliding.  Whiplash can be very painful and take weeks to heal, or longer, depending on the severity of the crash. If you or someone you loved suffered a neck injury in a car crash in Chicago, turn to the neck injury attorneys of Stein & Shulman for representation upon which you can rely.


  1. Whiplash is a term used to describe the motion of the neck in a car crash and the resulting injuries.
  2. Whiplash is also described as an acceleration injury. However, one refers to the injury, the official diagnosis is a neck sprain and is also described as a soft-tissue injury.
  3. Whiplash is most frequently experienced by occupants of a vehicle that is struck from behind by another vehicle. Neck injuries are the most common injuries suffered by occupants of a vehicle hit from behind because the neck is not restrained.
  4. By contrast, the lower back and mid-back are protected by the seat and seatbelt when hit from the rear. The rear impact causes the occupant’s body to go forward then back rapidly.
  5. The rapid and free movement causing extension of the neck causes damage. Only the ligaments and joints prevent a person’s head from extending too far backward. Some studies have proved that whiplash can also be caused by a sudden blow to the head.

Front-end impact can cause neck injuries as well but not as frequently as rear-end collisions. In front-end collisions, the head tends to snap backward then accelerate forwards. The neck stops moving when the chin strikes the chest. Thus, less strain is placed on the neck.  Side impact can cause place enormous strain on the neck. The head is cast sideways, then snapping back past the point of equilibrium when a vehicle is in a side-impact collision.

Soft-tissue neck injuries can be difficult to diagnose. Neck sprains rarely show damage in an x-ray or with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). One study has demonstrated that only after surgery on the injured neck did doctors find injuries that x-rays and MRIs missed. Despite the difficulty of obtaining clinical evidence, the pain for car accident victims suffering neck injuries is real. You can tell that a person who suffered a neck injury is in pain. They experience difficulty turning their heads and lifting things, such as young children and groceries.  Working after suffering a neck injury is difficult too. Sitting at a computer is tough because the neck stiffens and working manual labor jobs will only exacerbate the damage.

Attorneys representing insurance companies will try to argue that a neck injury is not real. They will claim that pain is merely psychological. They will also argue that your injuries are not long-lasting and debilitating. Try telling that to a mother who cannot pick up their young child because raising the child places an unbearable strain on the neck or the grandfather who cannot chase after his grandchildren because his neck hurts too badly.

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