Ridge Mall Slip and Fall Attorneys

The key distinction in assessing whether or not you can bring a claim against Chicago Ridge Mall for your recent slip and fall injury is whether or not the precipitation accumulated naturally or unnaturally. Illinois premise liability law tends to favor the owners or managers of property to protect them from the mounting slip and fall cases filed against them each winter and throughout the year in general. Winter creates a heightened amount of hazardous conditions. Coupled with the increase in pedestrian traffic and chaotic, fast-paced shopping that occurs at the end of the year, slip and fall snow and ice injuries are relatively commonplace.

The Chicago law firm of Stein & Shulman collectively has decades of experience handling cases similar to yours, including injury incidents that occur at the Chicago Ridge Mall. We pride ourselves in putting our team of legal experts to work for your legal rights and your injury matter. Each case is different and must be examined individually and thoroughly to deliver the best possible outcome. Regardless of whether or not you think you are owed compensation, you should speak to a qualified attorney with slip and fall experience. We understand the laws specific to Illinois that could provide compensation on your behalf and are able to accurately analyze the facts surrounding your fall to gauge the likely outcome.

Compensation for Pain and Suffering, Medical Bills and Lost Wages

Depending on the severity of your snow and ice slip and fall accident you could face piles of medical bills, prescription expenses, physical therapy costs, lost wages due to time away from work and other losses due to pain and suffering. If you or a loved one suffered a traumatic brain injury, a spinal fracture or injury, broken bones, soft tissue damage, or a loss of life, our firm can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

We believe that innocent people should not be burdened with unexpected and stressful expenses they incurred due to an injury that was facilitated by a property owner’s negligence. Your quality of life should not be hindered because the owner or manager of the Chicago Ridge Mall failed to comply with the law and breached their duties. Our firm works hard and dedicates the time your matter deserves to ensure your life is restored to the state you were in prior to slipping and falling on ice or snow.

Chicago Ridge Mall’s Duty to Shoppers and Visitors

As a property owner or manager, Chicago Ridge Mall owes certain duties to its visitors and shoppers. While they do not outwardly owe a duty to shovel or salt the sidewalks if they do decide to shovel certain surfaces they must do so in a non-negligent manner. They must also be aware of any unnaturally accumulated ice or snow and take precautions and action to remove it accordingly. If snow is shoveled into piles that later melts then refreezes, this occurrence may be deemed as unnatural, and the shopping mall may be liable for an injury that occurs. Such instances create a manmade hazard and an unnatural accumulation of snow or ice according to Illinois law.

Skilled Chicago Slip and Fall Snow and Ice Injury Lawyers

Every slip and fall case is different, and you should speak to a qualified Chicago attorney regardless of the circumstances of how your injury occurred. Our experienced legal team knows how to examine the details of a slip and fall and ensure any duty owed to you is identified and you receive the compensation you deserve.