CVS Slip & Fall Attorney

If you or a loved one has recently fallen on the sidewalk or in the parking lot of a CVS pharmacy store, there are important things you should know about filing a claim. There is a CVS store around almost every corner in Chicago and hundreds of people visit them each day to shop while being unaware of potential hazards and dangerous snow and ice conditions. Every winter many people are severely injured walking from their car into the CVS store due to unnatural accumulations of snow and ice on the property.

Premise liability laws can be different in every state, so it is important to discuss your subjective available options with a Chicago attorney who is familiar with Illinois law. A qualified attorney will be able to tell you whether or not you can proceed with a claim and what you can expect for an outcome. Our team of experts will investigate the details surrounding your slip and fall and analyze the property to explore all available recovery options. The details of your particular injury matter so contact one of our skilled attorneys today to see how we can assist you in your claim against CVS.

Sustaining injuries after a slip and fall accident on snow or ice can be very severe, especially if you are a senior citizen or have pre-existing conditions making you prone to injury. The extreme weather conditions that harsh Chicago winters bring increase the chances of snow and ice slip and fall incidents and injuries at CVS stores. Our legal team has handled hundreds of successful claims, and our attorneys look forward to helping you protect your rights and receive the compensation you deserve.

What to Do After a Slip and Fall at CVS

First and foremost, if you are injured have someone call for medical attention if necessary or find help to drive you home. If you are able at the scene, use the phone on your camera to take pictures of the ground any visible injury you sustained.

It is important to take these photos as soon as possible to capture the conditions at CVS at the time you fell and before snow or ice melts. If there were obstructions in the path or on the sidewalk that caused you to reroute which led to your fall, please take photos of those obstacles as well.

Defective or damaged piping may be evidence of how deposited water unnaturally accumulates onto a sidewalk or common pedestrian area, eventually causing a slip and fall. Such evidence or other obstructions should also be photographed at the time of the incident to use in your case. Illinois makes a distinction between unnatural and natural accumulation of snow and ice so it is important to retain these details in order to determine liability and a successful outcome.

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Every slip and fall accident is unique, and our personal injury attorneys understand the frustration, pain, and stress you are experiencing. Contact the Stein & Shulman law firm today to receive an evaluation of your case and know whether or not you are able to hold CVS liable for your slip and fall.

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