Chicago Parking Garage Slip & Fall Attorney

Most Chicagoans are expectant, resilient and accepting of the extreme weather that winter can bring. However, many parking garage slip and fall accidents occur daily leaving innocent pedestrians, workers, commuters, and drivers in general with painful injuries and medical bills. With a qualified legal team such as Stein & Shulman on your side, you can be sure your legal rights and protection will be ensured to help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Although Chicagoans are prepared and tough when it comes to harsh winters, no one plans to slip and fall on snow, and such injuries can be debilitating to your physical well-being and your financial stability. Don’t risk losing the compensation owed to you by handling your personal injury matter without an experienced Chicago attorney.

Can You Recover For Your Parking Garage Slip and Fall Injury

Your ability to receive damages and compensation for the pain and suffering, medical expenses and lost wages you may be experiencing due to your injury depend on the details of your matter. Illinois law makes distinctions regarding when individuals can recover from property owners based on fault and when they cannot. The owner of a parking garage is generally not liable for snow and ice slip and falls that occur because of naturally accumulated snow from a weather phenomenon. Conversely, a party may be able to recover for their injury if a leaking pipe or faulty drainage system resulted in a slushy or ice patch in the parking garage. The fundamental distinction the court will make is determining whether the accumulation occurred naturally or unnaturally.

Because recovery for parking garage slip and fall accidents can be challenging to obtain, it is critical to obtain the legal counsel of a knowledgeable and reputable attorney. The legal team of Stein & Shulman has years of experience fighting for the rights of clients just like you who have sustained similar injuries. Although property owners generally do not have a duty to plow, de-ice, or salt certain roads or sidewalks, they continue to owe particular duties. For example, if they voluntarily take steps to do any of the aforementioned or a man-made obstruction caused the accident, the parking garage may be liable.

How an Experienced Slip and Fall Parking Garage Attorney Can Help You Recover

Slip and fall cases require investigation, accumulation, and analysis of all the necessary facts and filings in order to evaluate whether or not you can recover for your injuries. If it is determined that you may be able to receive compensation, you want an attorney by your side who will fight for your rights against insurance companies and parking garage owners.

Our skilled and knowledgeable Chicago personal injury attorneys are thoroughly familiar with the applicable law in Illinois and know how to utilize it to reach the most favorable outcomes possible. Don’t risk being stuck with having to pay for the medical bills, pain and suffering and lost wages you are experiencing due to the fault of another.

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