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We rely on doctors to help us remain healthy. Even when we are not sick, we go to the doctor for routine visits and routine medical care to maintain our health and to ensure that we are not in need of additional care. Many women see a gynecologist regularly to maintain their health and for routine testing and bloodwork. Many may see the doctor undergo elective procedures as well. These procedures may assist in the care of various conditions, such as; abnormal uterine bleeding, birth control, infections or disease.

Women also receive care from their obstetrician when they are trying to get pregnant, are pregnant, or need medical care associated with pregnancy. Unfortunately, at times things do go wrong. When they do, the result can have devastating consequences for the patient, and even at times, the patient’s family. Gynecologist/Obstetricians have the third-highest rates of lawsuits filed against them as compared to other medical specialties. And when errors occur, they can be permanent and sometimes even fatal.

When a required or an elective procedure is undergone, removal of polyps, pelvic floor repair, placement of birth control such as an IUD, a tubal ligation, a dilation and curettage or a hysterectomy, things can go wrong. A perforation may occur, or the surgical procedure may not have the desired outcome. At times, the outcome received can have long term effects such as effects on future fertility. Even if no long term effects are encountered, the short term effects such as pain, suffering and further medical care can be troublesome and confusing.

Women put their faith and trust in their gynecologist/obstetrician. When giving birth, a woman trusts that the needed prenatal tests are administered and that when the results are given, they are the correct results. The pregnant patient trusts that if a problem occurs during the pregnancy, such as gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, placenta previa, uterine cord prolapse, bleeding during the pregnancy, preterm labor, or any other irregular test result, the physician will recognize and identify the issue, and administer and recommend the necessary treatment

When things do go wrong, it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side to guide through the legal process and to fully evaluate whether the physician care was less than the standard of care in the community. The experienced attorneys at Stein and Shulman can evaluate the medical records and review the outcome to determine whether a case exists. They can determine if more could have and should have been done by the doctor, nurse, or medical provider and whether you, the patient can recover compensation for the damages suffered.

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