The Fashion Outlets of Chicago Slip & Fall Lawyer

The Fashion Outlets of Chicago have over 130 stores for its shoppers to choose from. With free parking and special discount packages available, if shoppers stay at certain area hotels, these stores attract individuals from Chicago and beyond. They are located just a few minutes from Chicago O’Hare International Airport, so travelers with especially long layovers can drop by and do a little shopping if they like. The Fashion Outlets of Chicago also proudly provides an art program called “The Collection: Where Art Meets Fashion” for visitors to enjoy. Three times a year, shoppers and other visitors can enjoy this exhibit.

Every year, however, there are a number of slip and fall claims that arise in the Fashion Outlets of Chicago every year. Wet floors, loose railing, defective escalators, ripped carpeting, and a number of other conditions may lead to these claims.

What happens if you slip and fall in this shopping center? What should you do?

If you slip and fall in a shopping center, first, if you are able, try to determine what it was that made you fall. Was it ripped carpet? Was the floor wet because of snow or rain being tracked in? Was merchandise in an aisle? Make note of this condition—even better, snap a picture on your smartphone, if you can.

Make sure that you report the incident to staff in the shopping center. It is important that the incident is documented. If the incident is not reported, the shopping center’s insurance company and attorneys will argue that your injuries must not have been as serious as you claim.

Make sure that you seek medical treatment. Whether this is allowing a medical professional at the shopping center to treat you or going to the emergency room, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Again, insurance companies and defense attorneys will argue that a claimant’s injuries must not have been serious if you did not seek medical treatment in a timely manner. Also, make sure that you follow all of the advice your medical providers give you—whether it is taking a couple days off of work, restricting exercise, or obtaining referrals to other medical professionals.

As soon as it is feasible, seek the advice and guidance of a personal injury attorney. These attorneys are experienced in slip and fall claims and know how to compile evidence to support your case. Without the expertise of a slip and fall attorney, your claim may be weakened or may even be dismissed if certain deadlines are not met or certain evidence is not provided. To ensure your legal rights are protected, it is key to have an attorney by your side.

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