Handicap Accessible Showers and Bathrooms

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) requires hotels and motels to have a certain number of rooms within their establishments that have bathrooms that are handicap accessible. Many of our countries travelers are either elderly or have physical limitations that require a certain type of bathroom within the room we book. Also, many of us are traveling following a surgery or traveling to town to have a certain procedure and handicap showers and bathrooms have certain features like grab bars and benches within the tub/shower that are necessary for our safety.

Hotels and motels have a duty under the law to provide a requisite number of hotel rooms that have(i) roll-in showers, (ii) a folding seat within the shower, (iii) faucets and wand that were operable from the folding seat, (iv) a horizontal grab bar alongside the seat for stabilization, (v) showers that were free of curbs or lips and (vi) surface within the tub that was slip-resistant.

Further, falls are one of the top health risks amongst seniors. People that are 65 and above very often have some difficulties with vision, balance and agility thereby increasing their chances of falling in a bathroom incident. This accounted for approximately 80% of bathroom related injuries within this age group. Further, almost half of persons within this age group will need to be admitted to the hospital for extensive treatment so adherence to the ADA requirements can literally save lives.

Again though, we need to stress that the ADA laws regarding handicap accessible bathrooms are not solely for the protection of seniors. Young people that recently had knee surgery or individuals with physical limitations also need folding seats in the shower, grab bars next to the bath and toilet and showers that are fee of high curbs. And the surface of the bathrooms and tubs can be very slippery and both the ADA and OSHA have recommended guidelines for slip resistance on porcelain finishes within bathtubs and showers.

Stepping over the side of the tub when the shower and tub is one single unit within the hotel room can be difficult at times for someone without physical limitations. And the ADA has been the law of the land for over 25 years so the hotels and motels you visit have had ample time to re-fit their hotel rooms to provide for these accessories. They come at little cost and can save you from incurring serious injuries and tens of thousands in medical bills.

Remember when making your hotel and motel reservation to inform that the hotel representative that you need a handicap accessible hotel room and bathroom. Write down who you made the reservation with and spoke with and the time of the call and then re-confirm these facts when you check into the hotel.

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