Behind auto accident claims, slip and fall cases represent the bulk of personal injury lawsuits and claims within Illinois year to year and much of our walking and moving around the City takes place on city sidewalks and stepping over and onto curbs. The more crowded the city sidewalk is the more difficult it becomes to see large cracks and tripping hazards – crowds of people are walking in front of you to lunch or to the train or you are part of a swarm of people walking into a concert or sporting event. They say watch where you’re walking at all times but when you can’t see too far ahead the hazards become deadly.

Our law firm handles tons of slip and fall cases and we know all too well that the slightest misstep can result in a wrist, ankle or hip fracture that requires extended hospitalization, surgery and physical therapy. These bills can be astronomical and being off of work for extended periods of time can be devastating.

Remember when you sustain a fall on a sidewalk or cracked curb to take pictures of the unsafe condition. You would be surprised how fast cracks, holes and failing curbs can be corrected and erased after your fall. You want to make sure you captured the unsafe condition on your phone so you can help prove your case. You also want to make sure you get the name and contact information of any witnesses to your fall so they can corroborate that you fell as you describe in your case.

Be your own investigator and do not delay in documenting the conditions which caused your fall. And be on the lookout because the following conditions can seem insignificant yet cause you huge problems if you fall:

  • Adjacent sidewalk slabs that are uneven and hence different levels
  • Large cracks in the sidewalks
  • Street lights that are off or not working
  • Sidewalks that are caving in
  • Tree roots that are coming up in the sidewalks
  • Snow plowed mounds that are melting onto the sidewalk and forming ice
  • Cracked or broken curbs that you encounter when exiting your car

Property owners and management companies have a duty to maintain their sidewalks and walkways in a safe condition and need to correct problems that they knew or should have known were tripping hazards. If you feel you were injured on a sidewalk, curb or walkway and call one of our lawyers today and discuss the facts of your case with them to determine what your rights are. The call and conversation are free so take advantage of this free consultation and learn more about the strength of your case and whether you are entitled to a recovery for your injuries. The longer you delay the more difficult it might be to prove the facts of your case. Call us at (312) 422-0506.