A place that is relatively synonymous with the holiday season is the shopping mall, and Chicago’s populated city houses many options. As people prepare for family visits, Black Friday sales, vacations, buying gifts and finding something to wear for New Year’s Eve, the shopping malls in Chicago are flooded with shoppers. Those who live in Chicago are also fully aware of the weather they can expect to arrive in the next few months. Chicago brings harsh winters, including, sleet, ice, hail storms, blizzards and intense snowfall. As more people rush into shopping malls and more snow and ice cover the sidewalks, parking garages and parking lots, the more likely shopping mall visitors are to being injured by a slip and fall accident.

Trusted Slip and Fall Snow and Ice Representation

Our law firm has decades of collective experience helping shoppers just like you handle your snow and ice slip and fall injury case. We understand that large shopping malls can be intimidating to combat and we pride ourselves on providing our clients the confidence and representation they deserve. Understanding whether you have a viable case and what you can expect as an outcome will enable you to make an informed decision as to how you would like to proceed.

The Chicago legal team at Stein & Shulman gives our clients the attention and time they deserve throughout every step of the way. We empathize with clients who are juggling medical bills, time off of work, pain and suffering and a decline in quality of life. Victims of a slip and fall accident at a shopping mall should not have to carry the burden of seeking compensation alone. Our positive reputation in the Chicago community speaks for itself, and we look forward to providing you the same satisfaction.

Condition of Chicago Shopping Mall Property

In Illinois, premise liability laws create a noteworthy distinction between natural and unnatural snow and ice accumulation. Snow and ice that collected as a result of weather and expected precipitation are called natural accumulation, and the shopping mall property owner may not be liable for any injuries. However, if the conditions of a parking garage, sidewalk or parking lot at a shopping mall are unacceptable due to the negligence of the premise owner they may be liable for injury caused. Negligence may occur if a leaking pipe or drainage system is creating unnatural accumulation and snow or ice has gathered in a hazardous way.

Chicago Slip and Fall Snow and Ice Attorneys

If you or a loved one slipped on a frozen patch of unnaturally accumulated ice or a pile of snow that did not naturally collect, the shopping mall owner may be liable for damages. Damages include the pain and suffering you have endured, medical bills and hospital expenses, lost wages due to time absent from work and other out of pocket expenses. Every slip and incident is unique, so it is important to speak to a Chicago slip and fall snow and ice attorney to better understand the feasibility of your case.