Hundreds of people every winter will inevitably contact a Chicago attorney due to a slip and fall accident they experienced at the grocery store. If you are one of these people, you are likely feeling frustrated, in pain and confused as to how you should proceed to receive the compensation you deserve. Our law firm understands your suffering and prides itself in helping to support clients through each step of the process until a feasible, ideal outcome is reached.

Property owners in Illinois have specific duties they owe to the visitors that they invite onto their premises. However, premises liability is not an expansive catchall area of law that holds all premise owners liable for all injuries. Discuss the details of your specific matter with a qualified Chicago personal injury attorney who has specifically handled slip and fall snow and ice accidents occurring at grocery stores. The Stein & Shulman legal team is comprised of skilled and knowledgeable attorneys who are well-versed in applicable Illinois law and eager to represent their client’s best interest.

Legal Representation for Grocery Store Slip and Fall Injury in Chicago

A casual trip to the grocery store can quickly turn into an unexpected nightmare if the unimaginable becomes a reality. Whether you are rushing in quickly to grab a few items or being careful and still slip and fall, serious injuries can occur inside or outside of the grocery store.

Illinois uses a specific determining factor test in its premise liability law to allocate duty and define negligence in a slip and fall injury accidents involving ice and snow. Illinois law states that if the snow or ice has naturally accumulated, the property owner is not liable for slip and fall injuries that have occurred. However, if the accumulation is caused by unnatural accumulation such as a leaking pipe or cracked draining system that is depositing water onto the parking lot or sidewalk of a grocery store, the owner may be liable. Therefore, if a blizzard, hail, ice or snowstorm occurs leaving unplowed or salted patches of ice or snow at the grocery store, the owners do not have a duty to shovel or remove it.

Although recovering for a snow and ice slip and fall injury may present obstacles, it is not impossible and you should always contact an experienced personal injury attorney to assess your case. A Chicago slip and fall attorney will know of any alternative options available that you may not be aware of that can help you pay for your medical expenses and receive compensation for lost wages.

Trusted Chicago Snow and Ice Injury Attorneys

The legal team of Stein & Shulman has decades of combined experience successfully handling slip and fall personal injury cases just like yours. Don’t risk being stuck with the mounding hospital expenses and handling your pain and suffering alone. Our attorneys are here to help and support you through each step of the evaluation, investigation, filing and negotiation process.

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