The Atrium at the Thompson Center is located in Chicago’s downtown Loop. The Loop is the second-largest commercial business district in the country, second only to New York City’s Midtown Manhattan. The Atrium is home to over 35 shops, restaurants, and service businesses, and spans three different levels. On any given day, the Atrium is bustling with visitors.

Shoppers and other visitors are at risk for slips and falls in any commercial building, and shopping centers are no exception. If you slip and fall in a shopping center like The Atrium, you should speak with a personal injury attorney to ensure you fully understand your legal rights. For example, did you know that you may file a claim for all of your medical expenses, even the costs of your future medical care, if you slip and fall due to the negligence of a property owner?

Once you retain an attorney, what steps can you take to strengthen your claim? Your attorney will handle the legal aspects of your claim, of course, but your attorney will also need some help from you to ensure your goals are met.

First, make sure you are completely honest with your attorney—even about things that may hurt your case. If your shoe was untied, if you weren’t paying attention to your surroundings, if you ignored a wet floor sign—your attorney would much rather hear this from you than from opposing counsel during a court hearing.

Keep your attorney up to date on any medical treatment you receive, any time you miss from work, and other tidbits about how your claim is affecting you. Remember, most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis—this means that, unless you prevail in your case, there is no cost for your attorney’s services—so do not hesitate to send an email or make a quick phone call providing your attorney with an update.

Make sure you follow your attorney’s advice throughout your case. When your attorney prepares you for a deposition or for a hearing, for example, follow your attorney’s instructions. If your attorney tells you to stay quiet on social media about your case, do not post anything about the pending claim on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or other platforms you may use.

You should think of your relationship with your attorney as a partnership. You cannot pursue a slip and fall claim on your own, and your attorney cannot fully represent you without your cooperation. Staying in touch, open communication, and trust are all necessary for excellent representation. These suggestions will help your attorney obtain maximum compensation on your behalf in your case.

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