Those who live in apartment complexes in Chicago are frequently walking from their cars to the elevator, common areas or from parking lots to their apartments. Chicagoans are also no stranger to harsh winters and are aware of the intense amount of snow and ice their city’s weather can bring. The increased amount of foot traffic in these conditions heightens the likelihood of injury due to slip and fall accidents. Our law firm is comprised of attorneys who understand the risks involved and are aware of how to avoid them or be compensated for the injuries that cannot be avoided. If you or a loved one has experienced an injury due to a slip and fall on snow and ice at your apartment complex common area, you may deserve to be compensated.

Available Compensation for Apartment Complex Slip and Fall Injuries

A slip and fall liability case may occur if a person is injured while they are in an area that is required to be maintained and kept safe by a property owner. The property manager or owner of an apartment building may have such a duty if certain criteria or circumstance details are met. A skilled personal injury attorney is thoroughly knowledgeable in the complex area of personal injury and the applicable laws in Illinois. Not every instance will be recoverable, but a qualified Chicago slip and fall attorney can help you accurately evaluate the success of your case.

Common areas of an apartment complex may be considered within the zone of liability for a landlord, maintenance company or building owner. There is a distinction in Illinois based on its premise liability laws that discern “reserved common use areas” from those in control of the individual tenant based on a lease or rental agreement. Common areas typically include hallways, stairways, parking lots, and others depending on the type and amenities of the complex.

A tenant’s individual apartment is not considered to be a “reserved common use area” and therefore is usually not recoverable as the location of an injury. A landlord or property manager owes a duty to his or her tenants to keep the common use areas of the apartment complex reasonably safe. This includes action if the landlord either knew or should have known of the defective or dangerous condition.

Chicago Slip and Fall Attorney Can Help You Get the Injury Compensation You Deserve

An injured person who has incurred medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages due to the slip and fall accident at their apartment complex may be able to recover for all of the above out of pocket expenses. Although landlords and property owners generally do not have a duty to remove natural accumulations of snow or ice on their property, a landlord can be found legally responsible for injuries that occurred as the result of an unnatural accumulation of ice or snow in a common area. You need a skilled Chicago personal injury attorney to help the jury decide whether or not the snow or ice accumulation was natural or unnatural to receive a favorable outcome.

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