The Windy City of Chicago experiences some of the harshest winter weather conditions of any city in the United States. While Chicagoans may be expecting and used to the extremely low temperatures and drastic change in precipitation, experiencing a slip and fall on a patch of snow or ice is hardly ever expected or prepared for.

Every winter hundreds of people accidentally slip and fall on patches of snow or ice because of a premise owner’s negligence or lack of care. Shopping malls such as the Chicago Atrium Although there are restrictions and limitations on what a property owner’s duties and responsibilities are, they are still obligated to act in a particular manner when maintaining the premises.

Discussing the details surrounding how you slipped and fell with a qualified attorney, will help determine if you have a case and what the likely outcome will be. Such details include the description of the area of the Chicago Atrium where you were walking, the conditions of the street, sidewalk or entryway, and other pertinent facts.

Our legal team has decades of experience working with personal injury victims just like yourself who have fallen in an area that was not properly maintained by a property owner. A Stein & Shulman attorney will know the right questions to ask you and immediately put our team of experts to work on your behalf. Your legal rights are important and no person should have to face an intimidating property owner such as the Chicago Atrium Shopping Mall alone.

Illinois Snow and Ice Removal and Slip and Fall Laws

Although there is a municipal code in place stating that business and property owners must remove accumulated snow on property that abuts a public way, there is a caveat for snow and ice accumulation. Specifically, The Snow and Ice Removal Act was put in place to protect property owners from the mounting lawsuits being filed against them for slip and fall accidents. The law continues by creating a distinction between snow and ice that accumulates naturally and unnaturally.

If a sidewalk, parking garage, entryway or parking lot at the Chicago Atrium Shopping Mall collects snow due to a faulty drainage system or leaking pipe, the owner or manager may be liable to the injured party. The basis of liability would be their inability to maintain specific areas property and breach the duty of care they owe to visitors and shoppers. Conversely, if a person slips and falls on snow or ice that accumulated naturally due to winter weather conditions, a property owner may not be liable for the injuries that occurred.

Available Slip and Fall Compensation and Damages

After speaking with an attorney who is well-versed in the applicable slip and fall and premise liability laws, you will have a better understanding of whether or not you can receive damages from Chicago Atrium Shopping Mall due to your slip and fall. If a Stein & Shulman attorney feels you should proceed with a case and you are successful, you may be entitled to monetary damages including compensation for previous, current and future medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering for a loss of quality of life.