Unfortunately, every winter people who visit or shop at the popular Water Tower Place shopping center in Chicago are injured because of a slip and fall accident that occurs on ice or snow. Whether your incident occurred in the parking lot or on a sidewalk outside of Water Tower Place, you may be able to receive compensation for the injuries you occurred based on the details of your matter.

Duty of Property Owners in Illinois

Some property owners have a duty to care for those patrons and visitors they invite on to their property, depending on the circumstances. Water Tower Place may have a duty to those who enter and spend time on its property, and therefore they may be liable to a person that slips and falls and injures himself or herself while inside or outside of the shopping mall. The level of duty, and a person’s ability to collect damages, varies in each subjective set of circumstance, so it is best to speak to a qualified personal injury attorney regarding your options.

It can be difficult to recover damages for slip and fall injury accidents that occur on snow or ice outside of Water Tower Place, so it is critical to retain an attorney who will present the strongest and most compelling case on your behalf. Damages can be challenging to obtain primarily because a property owner generally has no legal liability if the party’s fall was due to a “natural accumulation” of snow or ice on their property. A property owner is not liable or required to prevent the natural accumulation of snow and ice as a result of the weather and another phenomenon.

Outdoor Slip and Fall Accidents on Ice or Snow at Water Tower Place

The law in Illinois creates a distinction between ice and snow that accumulates naturally and unnaturally. For example, ice that is present outside on walkways and parking lots and walking surfaces must be assessed to determine whether it accumulated due to rain freezing or because there is a faulty or leaking drainage system. Specifically, according to Illinois law, property owners do not have a duty to plow, de-ice or salt. However, if they take voluntary steps to do so, then they must do it safely.

Indoor Water Tower Place Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents do not only occur outside on icy sidewalks or unshoveled snowy parking lots; they frequently occur inside the Water Tower Place shopping center as well. Wet surfaces inside of a store or mall that occur because shoppers bring in moisture on their shoes from outside where it has been snowing are not likely able to recover. Whereas, if moisture collects on the floor because of a leak that eventually causes an injury, that shopper may have a case.

How a Qualified Chicago Personal Injury Can Help You in Your Water Tower Palace Slip and Fall Case

Because every circumstance, type of fall, level of injury and available compensation are different, it is important to have your matter examined by an attorney you can trust. The Chicago legal team at Stein & Shulman is fully knowledgeable on applicable laws and assessing the details of your case to make an accurate outcome prediction. Each of our attorneys and staff has handled hundreds of cases similar to yours and helped clients feel confident in their outcomes each step of the way.

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