The Brickyard Shopping Mall Snow and Ice Slip and Fall Lawyer in Chicago

Preparing for winter in Chicago may be nothing new to you and your family. Every year you probably change out your snow tires, switch out your wardrobe and dust off your snow and ice scrapers. Despite your preparation and proactive actions, you may not ever be able to adequately prepare for or avoid a slip and fall accident on ice or snow. The holiday season brings an abundance of shoppers and visitors to places like The Brickyard Shopping Mall, and every year hundreds of accidents occur.

Families and friends, both old and young, rush around shopping malls to spend time with loved ones and shop for gifts. Unbeknownst to these patrons and shoppers, they are increasing the likelihood that they will become of the increasing statics of slip and fall accident victims. If you or a loved one recently fell and were injured at The Brickyard Shopping Mall, our qualified and trusted legal team is standing by to help you.

The last thing you want to worry about after a traumatic slip and fall is handling the bills and stress that inevitably continue to build. Our Chicago attorneys have handled hundreds of cases just like yours and pride themselves on offering the support and determination each client deserves.

Is The Brickyard Shopping Mall responsible for my slip and fall?

After you have received the medical care you need, the first question on your mind is probably whether or not your accident was The Brickyard Shopping Mall’s fault. Our attorneys can help gather the relevant information necessary to assess and answer this question to provide you with the clarification and hope you deserve. Although most businesses and property owners do not have a duty to shovel and salt the sidewalks they do have a duty to maintain the property in certain regards.

For example, if a leaking pipe or faulty drainage system is depositing water onto the sidewalk or pavement outside of The Brickyard Shopping Mall that later freezes and causes injury, they may be held liable. Illinois law considers this type of deposited water to be “unnatural accumulation” and property owners have a duty to take action to prevent such an occurrence. On the other hand, if snow or ice accumulates due to a storm, this is considered “natural accumulation” and an owner or manager has no duty to remove it or salt the surface. In addition, if the owner or manager takes steps to salt or shovel the surfaces surrounding their property they must do so in a non-negligent manner.

How a Chicago Slip and Fall Attorney Can Help Me

Because the law surrounding premise liability and slip and fall accidents is complex and every injury claim is unique, it is critical that you speak with an experienced Chicago personal injury attorney. Explain the details to one of our skilled legal team members today to obtain a better understanding of whether or not you have a case against The Brickyard Shopping Mall.