Although the holidays are usually filled with family, friends and enjoyment, the weather conditions that follow are primed with hazards. Simply driving to a shopping mall such as Ford City Mall, or running in and out of stores from your car can create dangers that most shoppers don’t give a second thought about. Most Chicagoans mentally and physically try to prepare for the harsh winters the Midwest experiences, yet preparing for a slip and fall accident is rarely possible.

If you have recently experienced a slip and fall you are likely in severe pain and feeling confused as to how you should move forward productively and proactively. Most slip and fall injury victims are also facing piling medical bills and costly time away from work that they are unable to handle on their own. Our qualified legal team understands your stresses and looks forward to [providing you with the comfort and support you deserve. You have legal rights against Ford City Mall and we are here to explain them to you so we can act on them together.

Snow and Ice Responsibilities and Duties of Ford City Mall

While Chicagoans have a responsibility to wear appropriate shoes, use handrails where available and pay attention to where they are walking, property owners also have a duty to keep their premises as safe as possible. If an owner or manager notices a hazardous or dangerous condition, steps must be taken to ensure the goal of safety and protection is achieved. Although certain duties are required under Illinois law, liability is not overly extensive and must be examined thoroughly. The required duties of an owner are intricate and involve various levels of liability based on the surrounding circumstances of the incident. Because of the complex nature of premise liability and slip and fall cases, it is imperative that you discuss your injury with an experienced Chicago personal injury attorney.

Ford City Mall has a duty to remove snow or ice that has unnaturally accumulated in order to prevent injury. Unnaturally accumulated snow and ice collects in ways that are not directly related to weather patterns or precipitation. It also includes melting ice or snow from a pile of shoveled or plowed snow that later refreezes in a place commonly used by shoppers and pedestrians.

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If you or a loved one was recently visiting Ford City Mall and slipped and fell on a patch of ice or snow and were injured, certain steps should be taken after the accident. Pictures of the area should be taken to capture the conditions of the sidewalk or entryway as soon as possible after the fall occurred. Any evidence of the area where your slip and fall occurred and evidence of the circumstances is helpful to your attorney. After you receive appropriate medical care contact our firm to see how we can get started on getting you the compensation you deserve.