CVS Pharmacy Sip and Fall Lawyer in Chicago, Illinois

CVS Pharmacy has nearly 10,000 stores in the United States. With over $100 billion in revenue every year, the store enjoys business from millions and millions of customers. Aside from filling customers’ prescriptions, CVS Pharmacy sells select groceries, cosmetics, holiday decorations, candy, office supplies, and other goods. Many customers visit CVS Pharmacy because it is faster and more convenient than going to larger stores if they need to pick up a couple of items.

CVS Pharmacy, like all other places of business, has a duty to maintain safe premises for its customers. These stores must be kept free of safety hazards. Store employees have a duty to remove hazards as soon as feasible, and if the hazard cannot be removed in a reasonable period of time, a warning of some sort should be provided. For example, you have probably noticed “Wet Floor” signs in numerous stores.

Unfortunately, thousands of customers are injured in stores every year. Spills and other objects in the aisles may cause customers to trip, slip, and fall, injuring themselves. If the spill was in the aisle for an extended period of time, the store may be liable for damages. If the spill occurred just a few moments before the customer fell, however, the store may not be liable because it would not be reasonable to assume that an employee could have noticed the spill and cleaned it up in this short period of time.

Many stores may try to argue that the victim was at least partially responsible for his or her injuries. For example, they may argue:

  • The victim should have been aware of the hazard;
  • The victim slipped and fell for some other reason, such as having on untied shoes or flip-flops;
  • The victim intentionally fell;
  • The victim ignored warnings about the hazard; or
  • The victim was distracted.

These are only a few of the defenses a store may raise.

What should you do if you slip and fall?

If you slip and fall in a store, be sure you report the incident to an employee or a member of management. Failing to report a fall may hurt your claim.

Next, be sure to seek medical treatment. A store’s attorneys will argue that if a victim did not seek medical treatment in a reasonable time, the injuries must not have been very serious.

Do not speak to the company’s insurance company or representatives without attorney guidance. Your statements may be used against you later in your claim. Aside from seeking medical care and speaking with an attorney, keep the incident to yourself. Discussing it on social media may do more harm than good.

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