Chicago offers a wide variety of fashion outlet shopping centers all around the city. These fashion outlets offer something for everyone and attract people from all walks of life. Fashion outlets are also increasingly popular around the holiday season, especially around the end of the year, as shoppers flock to outlet stores for gifts and New Year’s Eve clothing.

Given the time of year, the winter season inevitably brings intense amounts of snow and ice with it. The law firm of Stein & Shulman gets dozens of calls each winter from people who have slipped and fallen on ice or snow at a Chicago fashion outlet and need our help. Although every snow and ice slip and fall case is different, we offer our clients the same elevated level of representation, support and attention they deserve.

Natural vs. Unnatural Snow and Ice Accumulation

Whether a person is owed compensation for their injuries is dependent on whether or not the property or premise owner was negligent. A key distinguishing factor between those that may recover and those that cannot in Illinois lies in deciphering how the snow or ice accumulated on the ground.

If snow naturally accumulated due to weather and precipitation Illinois holds that property owners do not have a duty and therefore cannot be labeled as negligent. However, if a pipeline or drainage system on the premises is faulty or damaged and is depositing water onto a surface that causes someone to slip and fall, they may be held liable.

Therefore, if you slipped on snow or ice in the parking lot or on a sidewalk of a fashion outlet in Chicago because the maintenance team or other responsible party did not shovel or salt the surface, you may not be able to recover. Our legal team is skilled in investigating the logistics of the property and other relevant details you may be unaware of to explore any feasibly available recovery options. Although you may feel you are not afforded any options, you may be wrong and recovery may be available for you.

Chicago Fashion Outlet Snow and Ice Slip and Fall Attorneys

Every winter the Midwest is threatened by unsafe sidewalk, parking garage and road conditions because of extreme weather. Although most Chicagoans are used to the harsh blizzards and ice storms, very few can prepare for the unexpected injuries that can result from a slip and fall accident on snow or ice.

Injuries can range in severity, but if you are experiencing pain and suffering, medical bills or lost wages due to the recent flip and fall you incurred at Chicago Fashion Outlet, contact Stein & Shulman today. Our attorneys have decades of personal injury experience they look forward to putting to work on your case to help you achieve an ideal outcome. Through every stage of your slip and fall case, we will investigate, advocate and negotiate on your behalf until your matter is resolved.

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