Slipping and falling at a Target store can result in a variety of outcomes ranging from minor embarrassed to severe traumatic brain injury. Every winter shoppers contact our office because they recently fell or a loved one was injured walking into or out of a Target store in Chicago.

While embarrassing falls may only cost you a bit of pride, more serious falls can cost people thousands of dollars in lost wages and medical expenses. Unless you are an attorney who is familiar with the law in Illinois, it may be difficult to ascertain what your legal rights are and know the best path to take to receive compensation for your injury. The attorneys at Stein & Shulman are here to help and will gladly dedicate the time your matter deserves.

Although Target and property managers have a general duty to keep the premises safe, this duty is not all-inclusive. Certain circumstances require owners to react in specific ways, and other circumstances require no action at all. Ask an attorney at our office whether or not you have a claim against Target to get the clarification and answers you need. We understand that dealing with the hospital, insurance companies, Target executives, and opposing legal teams can be daunting and stressful. Our firm’s goal is to handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on healing and get back to your normal life as it was before your fall.

Target’s Liability for Slip and Falls in Entry Way

If you were recently entering or exiting a Target store and you slipped and fell on a melted puddle of snow or ice, your ability to receive compensation depends on a few factors. The law in Illinois creates an important distinction between the “natural” and “unnatural” accumulation of snow and ice as it relates to the liability of a property owner. If snow was brought into the store on people’s shoes, deposited in the entry way, then melted to form puddles, this is considered “natural” accumulation and a store owner are not likely to be held liable. It is also irrelevant the amount of time the natural accumulation of precipitation has been on the floor of Target’s entry way.

On the other hand, if a Target store owner or property manager neglects to fix a faulty drainage system or leaking pipe that is depositing snow, ice or water onto a Target surface, they may be held liable for “unnatural” accumulation that causes injury. Target owes its shoppers a duty to keep the premises reasonably safe and neglecting to fix known defects is considered a breach of that duty. Although you may be unsure what level, if any, of liability Target owes you as a shopper, you may be surprised as to the compensation you are owed based on their actions or inactions.

Find Out Whether Target is Liable for Your Snow and Ice Slip and Fall Injury

Contact one of our knowledgeable and skilled Chicago slip and fall attorneys today to see if you are able to hold Target liable for your recent slip and fall accident that resulted in injury. Don’t risk being left to handle your medical expenses and lost wages due to time away from work on your own.