Slip & Falls at The Shops at North Bridge

One of the common forms of personal injury claims related to snow and ice slip and fall accidents. In particular, slip and fall accidents that occur on snow or ice occur frequently given the climate and distinct weather conditions Chicagoans experience every year. Chicago receives over thirty inches of snow each winter on average, and temperatures can drop to the shockingly low level of negative twenty degrees Fahrenheit. Understandably, the likelihood of a slip and fall accident occur on snow or ice increases each winter and our office receives dozens of calls from injured people.

Winter Conditions Conducive to Cause Slip and Fall Injuries

A particularly popular location that is home to many slip and fall accidents each winter is The Shops at North Bridge. Although these shops are popular all year round, they become increasingly dangerous in the winter months. During the holidays and into the beginning of the New Year shoppers and visitors are in a hurry to rush in and rush out. Their hurried pace in conjunction with hazardous conditions makes the sidewalks and surrounding areas of The Shops at North Bridge a hot zone for slip and fall snow and ice injuries.

Natural vs. Unnatural Snow and Ice Accumulation

Snow and ice that has collected on a sidewalk or surrounding area of the shopping center may either have accumulated due to natural or unnatural causes. If the snow or water fell out of the sky as precipitation, it is likely said to have naturally accumulated. On the other hand, if ice or snow was deposited onto a surface that is frequented by pedestrians by a leaking pipe or faulty drainage system, unnatural accumulation may have occurred, and a property owner can be held liable.

The Shops at North Bridge may be held liable for the injury and damages that occurred. A shopping mall or center owes certain duties to its visitors and it also does not owe its visitors other duties. To fully understand whether or not The Shops at North Bridge owed you a duty, which they breached, and you suffered a slip and fall injury, contact one of our qualified attorneys today.

Why Choose Stein & Shulman Chicago Slip & Fall Attorneys

Our law firm prides itself on the decades of experience it has acquired and the stellar reputation it has earned. Our attorneys remain current and knowledgeable on all applicable premise liability and personal injury laws in Illinois in order to stay ahead of property owners such as The Shops at North Bridge. Large companies and deep pockets do not intimidate us. We give our clients and their rights the attention and zealous advocacy they deserve to reach the most favorable outcome possible.

We don’t believe innocent shoppers and visitors should have to pay for the medical expenses, pain and suffering and lost wages they have endured due to The Shops at North Bridge’s negligence. Contact our firm today to discuss the feasibility and details of your matter so we can work hard to get the outcome you deserve.