As beautiful as wintertime can be in Chicago, and despite how much the majority of people embrace the holidays that the season brings, it can also create dangerous conditions. Winter in Chicago means more slip and fall accidents on snow and ice at convenience stores and pharmacies such as Walgreens. People are rushing to get last minute prescriptions filled, buy wrapping paper or get refreshments for visitors.

The increase in traffic and pace in conjunction with the negligence of premise or property owners can equate to severe injuries caused by falling on snow or ice in the parking lot or on the sidewalk at Walgreens. Most Chicagoans are veterans of the weather conditions, yet hundreds of people are injured each year due to these hazardous conditions.

Whether you are perfectly healthy, frail senior citizen, or a person with pre-existing health conditions, anyone can be injured due to an unexpected slip and fall on an ice or snow patch at Walgreens, and many may be able to receive compensation as a result.

Recovery for Your Walgreens Slip and Fall Injury

Recovering for a slip and fall accident at Walgreens may present its challenges, but our firm is able to accurately assess whether or not you can bring forth a claim and predict the outcome of your case. Illinois prevents some types of slip and fall cases and may hinder your ability to recover for your injury. The law states that premise owners are not liable if the snow or ice accumulated in a natural manner as a result of weather conditions. Therefore, if snow or ice was formed because of a recent blizzard, hail storm, ice storm or snow fall, a person may not be able to recover for their slip and fall.

Conversely, if Walgreens owed a duty to fix a defective drainage pipe or a faulty water system that deposited water onto the sidewalk or asphalt unnaturally, you may be able to recover for your injury. If your injury leads to lost wages from time away from work, medical and hospital bills, and other forms of pain and suffering, you may be entitled to receive compensation to recover some or all of those damages and more.

How Chicago Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help

Those who experience a slip and fall accident understand how traumatizing and instantaneous it can be, and severe you can be injured. You are left on the ground embarrassed, in pain and rattled, unaware what to do next. After you receive the care and rest you need contact the law firm of Stein & Shulman to get the dedicated representation you deserve against Walgreens.

We have decades of experience we look forward to putting to work on your behalf, including a skilled team of experts. From the first consultation conversation to the outcome, our attorneys dedicate the time and attention each client deserves. We wear many hats on your behalf, including investigator, negotiator, advocate and counselor, to ensure you arrive at the most favorable outcome possible.