Truck Accidents Caused By Tire Defects

You have probably seen bits and pieces of tractor-trailer tires scattered on interstate highways and other public roadways. For most of us, these pieces of tire do not cause any damage. However, tire blowouts and other tire problems that tractor-trailers experience may cause serious accidents.

Tire blowouts can be especially dangerous on interstate highways, where most drivers are traveling at around 70 miles per hour. When a tire explodes on the interstate, it sends pieces of rubber flying—often into the path of other vehicles. Drivers may swerve to avoid these pieces of rubber and cause an accident. Or, if they run over a large chunk of the tire, they may also lose control of their vehicles. Tire blowouts often happen suddenly and without warning to surrounding drivers.

Since we often see pieces of tire rubber littering the roads, can we really hold truck drivers or trucking companies responsible for these incidents?

The answer is yes. Tires do not simply explode or rupture for no reason. Typically, overinflation, underinflation, or being worn down are reasons for tire blowouts. These issues can easily be prevented with proper tire care.

Truck drivers, just like all other drivers on the road, have a duty to exercise diligence and caution while they drive. Aside from paying attention to the road and abiding by traffic laws, this also includes making sure one’s vehicle is in a safe operating condition. Failing to properly maintain tires can lead to liability for an accident.

Evidence used in tire problem cases

Proving that a truck driver did not properly maintain the tires is usually fairly straightforward.

Many truck companies keep maintenance logs of various repairs, oil changes, and tire rotations and replacements. Notes about tire pressure may also be included. Personal injury lawyers may request these records and study them to determine if the tires were properly maintained or not.

At the time of an accident, a truck’s tires may also be evaluated to determine if they were over- or underinflated. Notes about the tires may be included in an officer’s accident report. These statements may also be used to prove a truck driver or trucking company did not adequately maintain the tires on a truck.

If a tire blowout occurred because of a condition with the manufacture or design of the tire itself, a claim against the tire manufacturer may be appropriate. The bottom line is that tire blowouts are avoidable, and when truck drivers and truck companies fail to properly maintain their tires, they need to be held responsible when blowouts cause an accident. Injured victims should not be left without a remedy when they are not at fault.

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