United Parcel Service, or UPS, is one of the largest delivery companies in the United States. UPS, which is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, delivers an estimated 4.7 billion packages a year, with more than 18.3 million packages and documents dropped off daily. Its delivery fleet includes over 100,000 vans, cars, trucks, and motorcycles used to deliver and pick up its multitude of shipments. UPS drivers can be found on the roadways at all hours of the day, seven days a week, as they struggle to get items to where they need to be in a timely manner. With the increasing number of drivers on the road and growing delivery demands by mega-companies like Amazon, there has been a rise in the number of accidents caused by UPS truck drivers.


UPS drivers are often forced to work long hours, log thousands of miles, and endure odd work hours, all while struggling against the clock. This combination of workplace pressures can lead to accidents. Some of the most common causes of UPS delivery truck accidents include:

  1. Driver fatigue: Long hours on the road, especially during the nighttime hours, can lead to driver fatigue. An overtired trucker is a dangerous one, as fatigue can have an effect similar to alcohol on one’s reflexes, cognition, and awareness. If you are injured in a UPS truck accident and suspect fatigue may be a factor, prompt investigations into the driver’s work schedule should ensue.
  2. Driver distraction: So much time on the road can lead to boredom, which for some drivers further leads to distraction. Truck drivers have been known to use their cell phones while driving, engage in personal grooming, eat and drink while behind the wheel, and much more. All of these distracting behaviors can cause serious accidents.
  3. Speeding: In an effort to meet stringent deadlines and maximum pay, truck drivers may resort to exceeding posted speed limits. Trucks already require more time than cars to come to a complete stop. Coupled with speed, a UPS truck may be unable to stop in time to avoid an accident.
  4. Insufficient training: UPS drivers should be closely trained so that they can safely operate a truck across the country, but sometimes training is skipped or minimized. A driver that is not well trained is at an increased risk of accidents.
  5. Improperly loaded trucks: Carrying millions of items a day, it is critical that each UPS truck is properly loaded. An improperly loaded truck could jackknife, tip, or not stop in time, causing accidents.
  6. Improper maintenance: All UPS vehicles must be maintained in safe working order. Missed inspections or delayed maintenance could give rise to liability for injuries on the part of UPS.

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