Should I Sue After A Car Accident in Illinois?

The decision to sue must be made in close consultation with your car accident attorney. There are benefits and risks associated with filing a law suit of which you must be aware before you decide. Failing to consider the risks and benefits might make you regret your decision if you are unsatisfied with the results of the law suit. You can only make an informed choice to sue after engaging in a frank discussion with your car accident attorney. Our Auto Accident Lawyers in Chicago, are some of Chicago’s most respected and we have the experience on which you could rely to make the decision of whether to bring a law suit.

What Are The Risks Associated With Filing A Law Suit?

If you do not wish to settle your car crash claim with the other driver’s insurance company, then you have the option of filing a law suit. You can pursue the law suit and have a jury decide the case. That could pay off handsomely for you if the jury is convinced that you are entitled to a huge sum for your injuries, lost wages, pain, and suffering, as well as your mental anguish. On the other hand, you could walk away empty handed. The jury might not believe your damages are not attributable to the car crash or that you are at fault for the crash. You are stuck with the jury’s decision.

Another risk associated with filing a law suit is the length of time it takes to get to trial. Courts are crowded, and the system has limited resources. Therefore, it takes years to get a case to trial. If your financial situation dictates that you need compensation for your injuries sooner rather than later, then taking the case all the way to trial might not benefit you, and you should consider settling the case.

What Are The Benefits Of Filing A Law Suit?

The primary benefit to filing a law suit is that a jury is not bound by the financial constraints of the insurance company. The insurance company’s financial well-being, a concern for a claims adjuster, is not relevant for a jury to consider. The jury will scrutinize the evidence and determine whether you deserve compensation. The jury’s decision will be guided by Illinois law and notions of justice and fair play. The jury can consider the effect the accident had on you and award you damages for pain and suffering. In contrast, the insurance companies generally believe that medical bills are over-inflated and pay more than they should pay. As a result, the insurance company will not over pay for pain and suffering.

There is another substantial benefit to filing a law suit. Although you still have the opportunity to settle the suit if you reach an agreement with the insurance company, going to trial gives you a chance to be heard; an opportunity to tell your story and have it heard by a jury of your peers.

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