Car Accidents

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Over 400,000 traffic crash reports are filed in the State of Illinois each year and over a quarter of those accidents are reported to the Chicago Police Department. Unfortunately, as technology continues to advance forward and more people are texting, emailing and talking on their cellular phones while driving, those figures could go up. Given the number of car accidents that occur daily it is very important that people know what steps they need to take immediately following an accident to protect their rights.

Take Immediate Action at the Scene of the Auto Accident

You will need to be vigilant at the scene of the accident. This is a difficult time for people because they are disoriented, possibly in immediate pain and not thinking clearly. However, please make sure you speak with a police officer at the scene of the accident and provide them with a clear description of how the accident happened. You do not want the only version of the events to be provided by the other driver as this could eliminate your right to a recovery. Make sure you call the police to the scene of the accident and speak with the officer directly when he or she arrives. Make sure to get the names and contact information of any witnesses and provide that information to the police officer.

Seek Medical Attention

Next, it is very important that you seek professional medical attention immediately after the accident. Even if you think you were not seriously injured it important to get a medical provider’s opinion, as many symptoms can be latent in nature and not show up for a few days after the accident.

We Will Take a Stand for You

Lastly and most importantly, make sure to contact an attorney right away so you have the proper advice and guidance before speaking with insurance adjusters. Insurance companies will be quick to ask for recorded statements from people that were injured in an accident and you need to make sure you have an experience Chicago car accident attorney’s input and advice before doing so.

For nearly forty-five years the attorneys at Stein & Shulman, LLC have been successful in helping clients recover full and fair damages for injuries resulting from all types of car accidents, including:

Our skilled car accident attorneys can advise you on how to seek proper care and what to expect during the process of filing claims. Take advantage of the free consultation with one of our attorneys and contact us to discuss your case. Upon evaluation, we will advise you whether your case has merit and the necessary steps that need to be taken to seek recovery. We will take a stand for you and help guide you through this stressful time.

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