Common Injuries Sustained In A Car Accident In Chicago

In the aftermath of a car accident when you are in serious pain and worried about the extent of your injuries there are a number of critical things that must be taken care of. Often the person injured is in the worst position to address these issues because of the pain they are in. Having an aggressive car accident lawyer takes much of the pressure and responsibilities off of the injured and places them in the lap of the lawyer.

Most Common Accident Injuries

The insurance company of the driver that was at fault for the accident must be contacted and a claim must be opened. You are going to want to obtain a copy of the final traffic crash report that was completed by the police officer that responded to the scene of the accident. At the accident you may have been given a carbon copy of the motorist report which you are to fill out and mail in; however this is not the official traffic crash report which will contain the police officers summary of the facts of the accident as he understood them to be and generally an assessment of who was at fault for the accident. the insurance company of both drivers will want to see this report to make an assessment of who was responsible or caused the accident.

Determining Fault After An Accident

The faster the claim can be set up with the insurance company and the police report obtained from City – the faster the insurance companies will act in terms of making a determination as to who was at fault. While it may seem obvious to you, the insurance companies will delay until this decision is finalized which will in turn delay the speed with which your car is repaired or the speed with which you will be able to get a rental car while you wait for your repairs to be completed.

Next, you will need to aggressively seek medical treatment for your injuries and make sure that you are seeing the proper specialists for the type of injuries you sustained and also make sure that the medical bills you incur are being paid and not impacting your credit. The car accident lawyers at our firm will monitor your medical treatment and make sure you are seeing the best doctors available and that you are getting all of the necessary tests and medications you need to get healthy. Insurance companies and medical providers can involve a lot of red tape and complications and our accident attorneys know how to navigate these barriers and kick down doors to help you get what you need.

You accident will also need to be investigated and witnesses to the accident will need to be contacted and have their statements pinned down as to what they saw. In some instances video footage of the accident can be obtained in intersection related accidents but these videos only exist for a short period of time after the date of the accident and then they are erased. Also, the need for accident reconstruction experts to go to the scene of the accident and take measurements and photographs and investigate the condition of the accident scene will need to be completed quickly before conditions change or repairs are made.

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As you can see there is a lot for the person dealing with a serious injury to do and having the right car accident attorneys can make all the difference. You do not want to be dealing with these things while you are trying to heal and get back to work – so pick up the phone and call us today. The conversation is FREE. We are here to protect your rights and maximize your settlement so call us now at (312) 422-0506.

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