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As the weather warms up in Chicago, swimming pools become more popular as a source of enjoyment and a way to cool off for people of all ages. Unfortunately, as one of America’s favorite pastime activities, swimming pools can also be dangerous. Although swimming pools can provide a sense of relief and fun, their use can create great risk to its users. Every day across the nation, nine people are victims of drowning accidents, and more specifically drowning is the second cause of death amongst young children. Negligent owners or operators of swimming pools or waterparks can be held liable for you or your child’s injuries and you may be able to receive compensation. If you, a loved one, or a child was recently lost or injured due to a swimming pool related incident, you should contact an attorney who is sympathetic and trustworthy.

Chicago Swimming Pool Accident Injury or Death Compensation

Swimming pool accidents or injuries can occur at your own private home, a country club pool, a public facility or a waterpark. Depending on the type of pool you and your family were utilizing, certain standards must be upheld and regulations must be followed on behalf of the owner or operator. For example, a public pool in Illinois is required by law to have lifeguards on duty, especially if there are children present under the age of 16 at the pool who are not accompanied by parents or another adult guardian’s supervision. Pools are also required to have at least one lifeguard for every 100 bathers or 2,000 square feet of water. The same requirement of having lifeguards on duty also applies to water parks. Other factors such as improper maintenance or inadequate lighting, using defective parts in or around the pool, missing warnings or safety signs and subpar trained pool staff can all be incidents of negligence on behalf of the pool owner or operator.

Common types of swimming pool accident injuries caused by negligence:

  • Slip and fall accidents by the pool
  • Injured on or using diving board
  • Infection or rash
  • Broken bones or severe lacerations
  • Electrocution
  • Drowning

Our Chicago Swimming Pool Accident law firm has over 45 combined years of experience handling matters just like yours and we understand the frustration you are feeling. Allow our firm to handle holding those responsible for their actions or inactions so you and your family can focus on healing. Our qualified and skilled legal team understands the legal elements that must be present and how to receive the most compensation for your pain, suffering, medical expenses and loss of quality of life. Although financial support cannot fully repair the damage done it may help ease the financial stress, hold those responsible accountable for their actions and help your family find as much peace and comfort as possible.

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