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Truck Accident Lawsuits

Each state has different laws and policies in terms of how it treats trucking accidents. Most importantly the laws of the individual states will impact the way insurance policies are written and examined in these states so it is really important that you hire a lawyer that is experienced and knowledgeable in trucking accidents. The accident lawyers at Stein & Shulman, LLC have over 40 years of experience representing clients throughout the greater Chicago area in a wide range of truck accidents.

Almost 350,000 accidents involving large trucks occurred in 2012 and of those roughly 4,000 people were killed and 75,000 were injured. With large trucks weighing upwards of 75,000 lbs or more, the chances of serious injury are high. Remember that the majority of goods in this country are delivered over our roads and highways by trucks and these drivers are called upon to travel very long distances on little rest. Over 3 million people are operating these trucks and their jobs are very dangerous and rigorous.

Vehicles the size of large tractor-trailers leave evidence at the scene in the form of skid marks and yaws that will disappear in a short amount of time, especially in snowy or rainy conditions. Further, intersection related trucking accidents will often be captured on red-light cameras which can be obtained as long as the attorneys act fast and request copies of the video before the footage is erased. Having a lawyer that can investigate your accident right away and has the knowledge of laws and regulations associated with trucking accidents can make the difference between a large recovery and no recovery at all. Aggressive representation is critical and our team of lawyers knows how to act fast.

Further, our firm has successfully handled dozens of cases involving the analysis and examination of insurance policies for trucking-related accidents. There are specific laws that require the insurance policy limits are at certain levels and when those dollar amounts are not at or above the minimum levels our law firm has successfully gone into court and attacked those policies to have them reformed to raise the limits to Illinois required levels.

Also, many trucking-related accidents can occur during the loading or unloading process, or if the tractor and trailer come unhitched while in movement. The Occupational Health and Safety Act has specific requirements that govern how large tractor-trailers are to be operated and our law firm again has a wealth of experience in handling these cases and investigating and uncovering OSHA violations that resulted in large awards for our clients.

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If you have been involved in a truck-related accident do not hesitate to contact our Chicago law firm. The call and consultation are free and it is imperative that you act quickly for a number of reasons. You will need to receive medical treatment for your injuries and you do not want to delay in seeking the treatment you need. Also, the facts of the accident will need to be aggressively investigated and the witnesses to the accident will need to be contacted and their statements will need to be pinned down. The longer you delay the more difficult it becomes to eventually obtain a settlement that adequately compensates you for your injuries and lost time from work.

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