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Pre-existing injuries frequently surface in car accident cases, and insurance companies try to use them against victims of Chicago car accidents. Insurance companies argue that they are not responsible for compensating victims who had a pre-existing injury, such as a slipped disc or a back injury, which was made worse by the most recent accident, […]

ACL and MCL tear settlements in Illinois

A meniscus tear is a common injury, especially in jobs requiring extensive physical labor. A person can tear their meniscus in a bicycle accident or pedestrian accident as well. Meniscus tears are less common in automobile accidents, but they can occur. The meniscus is a C-shaped structure that cushions the bone of the upper leg […]

Do I need a personal injury lawyer

Lawyer for Car Accident Abdominal Injury Lawsuit, Claims & Settlements in Chicago, Illinois Our abdominal area is exposed to injury in car accidents. The abdomen is a sensitive area filled with vital organs and blood vessels that has little protection from our skeletons. Any traumatic impact, either blunt or sharp, can cause the vital structures in […]