Illinois Car accident law firms

Mistakes That Can Harm Your Lawsuit – What You Should Know to Protect Your Legal Rights Personal injury lawsuits provide a way for injured victims to pursue compensation when they have suffered harm because of another’s negligent conduct.  However, when pursuing legal action, accident victims should know that their life becomes an open book.  Insurance companies and […]

Shoulder Injuries Lawsuit

Back injuries are common following auto accidents.  Many victims of auto accidents may not realize that they have sustained a back injury resulting from the accident, as there are many different causes of back injuries.  However, if a person suffers back pain and other complications following an auto accident, that person should consider whether his or her […]

Car Accident Brachial Plexus Injury Settlement Lawyers in Illinois

All injuries resulting from an auto accident have the potential to be permanent, requiring a substantial amount of medical treatment.  Additionally, the cost of medical treatment often can reach six figures if not seven figures throughout an injured person’s lifetime.  Sustaining broken ribs in an auto accident may not seem that debilitating.  However, such an injury can certainly […]