Vertigo and Tinnitus Following a Car Crash in Illinois

Vertigo and Tinnitus Following a Car Crash

Tinnitus refers to the buzzing or ringing sound that people hear in their ears. The sounds may continue non-stop throughout the night and day or may start and stop throughout the day.

In some cases, tinnitus occurs in conjunction with vertigo. Both vertigo and tinnitus are problems that originate in a person’s inner ear. The issues can be affiliated with traumatic brain injuries. 

An individual can experience these types of injuries from a car crash and not even develop obvious outward symptoms that something is wrong. The problems can become debilitating and cause trouble with a person’s job and personal life. 

Tinnitus is the result of damage done to the networks of nerves in a person’s ear. It is possible for nerves that are not meant to be involved in hearing to be thrown out of place and begin to hear sounds. This can lead to strangeringing sounds. In addition to a head injury from impact in a crash, the deployment of an airbag can lead to this type of condition as well. The sound of an airbag is actually quite loud, andthe pressure from it can lead to ear problems. In some instances, people even bleed from their ears after the event.

Vertigo causes a lack of balance. The middle ear is where our balance comes from, and injuries that impact this part of the body can lead to vertigo. 

There are ways to treat both of these conditions, but not everyone responds to the same treatment and finding out what works can become an expensive process of elimination. It is important to speak to a medical professional about what might be causing these symptoms. 

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