14-Year-Old Boy Tragically Killed in Gage Park by Big Rig in Chicago

CHICAGO — A 14-year-old boy tragically died after getting run over by a semi-tractor trailer truck according to WGNTV.com.  WGNTV.com reported that the truck hit the teenager on 51st Street in Gage Park, located on Chicago’s South Side. Chicago law enforcement authorities say that the truck driver did not stop initially and drove away from the scene. Chicago police discovered the tractor-trailer trick a short distance away from the scene. The particulars of the tragic incident remain under investigation.

Chicago police announced to the media that investigators examining the fatal crash continue to look for witnesses who might have seen the collision. The preliminary investigation conducted by the responding officers reveals that the truck driver was driving his rig in a westerly direction on 51st Street. The operator attempted to make a left hand turn onto Western Avenue. Police believe the semi-truck hit the teenager while the truck executed the turn.

Emergency medical personnel raced the boy to a nearby hospital. Sadly, doctors pronounced the teenager deceased at the hospital.

Police investigators said that the driver of the truck drove away from the location of the crash. Officers spotted the semi-truck at the intersection of 33rd Street and Western Avenue. The driver was with the vehicle. However, WGNTV.com reported that police are trying to learn whether the driver even knew he hit the boy. The police said that the driver was cooperating with the officers. At this time, WGNTV.com stated that the police cited the driver of the semi-truck for failing to yield.

The police did not announce any additional charges. The police investigation is not yet complete. Police have asked that anyone with any information concerning the fatal accident come forward and speak with investigators or call 311 and report what they know.


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