18-Wheeler Rollover Crash Near Champaign, Illinois

18-Wheeler Rollover Crash Near Champaign, Illinois

December 12, 2017 – (WAND)


Illinois State police stated that a semi-tractor trailer tractor had flipped over during a sudden crashed along an Illinois Interstate 72 westbound.

The state police reported that a 45-year-old truck driver had lost control of his 18-wheeler truck while he was on  southbound Interstate 57 and was merging onto Interstate 72 westbound. Police stated that the truck driver’s trailer started to slide and woble as the driver steered toward the right shoulder. The truck overturned as the truck slid into a ditch and slammed on to the passenger side of the semi-truck.

Fortunately, no injures were reported and the truck driver had been wearing his seatbelt which may have prevented serious injury.

State Police are saying that the load of steel coils that he was hauling had become unbundled after the accident. The police stated that the truck driver received a ticket for failing to reduce his speed to prevent the accident.

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