18-Wheeler Truck Accident With Injuries in Williamson County, Illinois

One Person Hurt In Collision Involving Car and Tractor Trailer

WILLIAMSON CO., IL.– April 22, 2018 (Edgar County Watchdogs) According to a report from the Edgar County Watchdogs website, two men in a tractor-trailer did not get hurt when their truck collided with a Cadillac. The car flipped over during the wreck, and the driver was taken to a hospital for treatment of his injuries. The truck’s driver was cited for improper lane usage.

Drivers of passenger vehicles share the road with tractor trailers every day. The people who drive semi trucks receive specialized training so that they know how to drive them safely. Whenever an accident happens that involves a tractor-trailer, it is possible that the truck driver is at fault. For example, the driver in the aforementioned crash got cited for improper lane usage. It’s also possible that the driver of the other vehicle caused the accident. Drivers of passenger vehicles can decrease their accident risk by knowing how to drive safely near tractor trailers.

For example, there is an increased risk of an accident whenever a passenger vehicle passes a semi truck. Of course, drivers often want or need to pass trucks, so they must learn how to pass them safely. Remember that it does take some time to pass a truck because they are large. Take your time when passing, because it is better to pass at an even speed rather than by accelerating rapidly. Always pass on the left, in a designated passing zone, and be sure to get far enough past the truck before you move back over. If a semi truck is passing you, you can make their pass safer by slowing down a little so they can complete their pass sooner.