Accident Caused by Mack Truck Sends Three to Hospital in Kankakee, Illinois

KANKAKEE, Illinois — Three people suffered what police described as minor injuries in a vehicle crash which preliminarily to have been caused by the driver of a Mack truck according to the Daily Journal. The wreck took place at the intersection of Route 115 and Lehigh Road around 1:30 p.m. on Monday, August 27, 2018. Further investigation may be required to determineas towhat transpired leading up to the wreck.*

The initial police investigation into the accident conducted by the Illinois State Police shows that a tractor-trailer truck stopped at the stop sign in the eastbound lane of Route 115. The operator of the big rig entered the intersection at Lehigh Road and started to turn left. A Jeep Patriot collided with the front of the Mack truck as the Jeep proceeded westerly on Route 115. The front of the tractor-trailer entered the Jeep’s path of travel, causing the collision.

The driver of the Jeep and one passenger, both of whom reside in Kankakee suffered injuries in the crash. A third passenger who hails from Tennessee also suffered injuries in the crash. Police described all injuries as being relatively minor. Officials declined to name the injured parties. Police issued the driver of the tractor-trailer, a man from Romeoville, with a citation for failing to yield at an intersection.

The intersectionat Route 115 and Lehigh Road has become notorious for serious car accidents. On August 2, 2018, a young man suffered severe injuries in a motor vehicle crash at the same intersection with another semi-truck. Police issued a civil citation to the operator of the semi fora motor vehicle infraction. A fatal accident involving still yet another semi-truck happened on August 22, 2018,on Lehigh Road at the intersection with Clifton Slab Road. Drivers on Clifton Slab Road have the right of way. Thus it appears that three accidents were causedby semi-truck operators who failed to observe the rules of the road.

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