Accident Shuts Down Interstate Lane Near Salem, Illinois

SALEM, IL- writes that a multiple vehicle collision shut down a lane of Interstate 57 on Wednesday morning in Salem, Illinois. The police thought that the lane would close for about 4 hours.*

Drivers were advised to proceed with caution. No additional information was reportedabout the incident.

Winter driving presents additional risks for people on the road. Inclement weather is a common factor, and for early morning commuters, icy roads can be a problem. In some instances, if roads are icy, the best course of action is to avoid driving altogether. There is no way to drive safely on slick ice. When driving on icy roads, people should travel at reduced speeds. Regardless of the speed limit, no one should drive over 45 miles per hour on icy roads, although even at much slower speeds it is possible to lose control over a vehicle.

Drivers in places with cold winters sometimes believe that they know how to drive on icy roads or in winter weather and become overconfidentabout their ability to handle dangerous road conditions. In these situations, drivers often realize too late that they were wrong. It is also important to note that drivers should never have too much confidence in their vehicle’s ability to handle slick,icy roads.

In some instances, ice can be on just a part of the road and lead to drivers unexpectedly losing control of their vehicles. For instance, bridges can freeze even while the rest of the road is not covered in ice, and ice can form on shaded parts of the road next to tall buildings as a result of the sun being blocked. It is important always to stayalert and cautious while driving, especially in winter weather conditions.

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